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Winter and Laughs Come to Comic Con in ‘Game of Thrones’ Musical

HBO’s Game of Thrones may be filled with violence, sex, and intrigue, but at this year’s Comic Con it will be full of musical numbers and laughter.

Game of Thrones: The Musical – A Song of Nice Satire opened in Los Angeles earlier this year, and will be in San Diego during Comic Con.

Remember that unintentionally hilarious moment in Les Misérables when Javert sings and plunges to his bone-crushing death? This will probably be a lot of that, but on purpose.

Reviews from the show’s run in LA loved the show. “If you’re a theater geek and a Game of Thrones devotee, we’ve just found your Super Bowl,” said the Mercury News.

If you aren’t sure, here’s a little taste of the satire from the Film School Rejects’ review: “A stark-white Arya raps to what sounds like old school nineties beats while sporting a hipster crop top.”

There will be eight performances from July 20–23 in San Diego at the Tenth Avenue Theater and Arts Center.

Enjoy the trailer below:

[Via Mashable]

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