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Woman Claims To Know ‘Will & Grace’s’ “Big Secret”

It's been almost 20 years since the show premiered, and this woman says she's known about the fictional character's "lies" the whole time.


When Samantha Jones watched Will & Grace for the first time, she fell in love.

“It’s been one of my favorite shows for a long time,” she said. “It’s funny, has clever writing, and the characters go through a such a huge transformation. We really get to watch them grow.”

And Jones, the self-proclaimed “fanatic” has an interesting and odd prediction about tonight’s premiere.

“I’m pretty sure Will is gay,” she said.

Jones, who claims to have seen every episode of the show multiple times, says she’s pretty sure the show’s reboot will start with Will’s confession.

“You know, he’s been hiding it from Grace and from America this whole time,” she said. “He should be honest about who he is.”

Jones, who allegedly owns the DVD box set, is convinced her theory is spot on. However, when asked about the 16 time Emmy winner’s most iconic scenes, she draws a blank.

“Jack and Will never kissed,” she said. “I would know I’ve seen every episode.”

On the show, Will and Jack became the first gay men to kiss on national television on an episode of Good Morning America.

Jones was raised in a small town where local broadcast stations have been known to edit programming. These stations have historically cited morality clauses and religious beliefs as their inspiration and determination for what many have called censorship. One town reportedly edited the show down so much that Karen was the only character. However, the station in Jones’ hometown declined to comment.

And to add fuel to this fire of confusion, Jones had no idea Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian, Neil Patrick Harris has a husband and children, and Kristen Stewart is probably, definitely, maybe, hopefully queer.

“Bella? No way. She’s meant to be with Edward,” she said. “Her and Robert will sort out their problems and find their way back to each other I’m sure of it.”

Kristen Stewart walking with girlfriend Stella Maxwell the day the couple moved in together.

If Jones’ local broadcaster did edit out scenes from Will & Grace, as well as other programs, tonight’s episode has the potential to be a jarring wake-up call for the 42-year-old librarian.

“I just hope he isn’t one of those flaming homos,” she said. “You know the type. Wanting to hold another man’s hand in public and stuff. That’s gross.”

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