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A Woman is Suing Starbucks, Claiming a Venti Tea Burned Her and Killed Her Dog

Deanna Solas-Solanda has recently filed a lawsuit against Starbucks. Her lawsuit followed after a barista in a Colorado Starbucks handed her a hot venti tea through the drive-thru. The tea was passed through the window, and Solas-Solanda claims it lacked a double cup, a lid that was secured, and a heat sleeve.

Solas-Solanda reports that hot water spilled from the cup and melted her clothes and burned her skin. In addition, her dog, who jumped onto her lap, was also burned and died shortly after in a Veterinary Hospital.

CBS released a video depicting the lawsuit, reporting the previous warning about serving hot drinks after a woman sued McDonalds in 1994:


While a photo of her burns has been documented, Starbucks says they are innocent:

We have video evidence that clearly contradicts the claims made by the plaintiff and believe they are without merit… We look forward to presenting our case in court.


[via CBS]


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