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Woman Suspects Break-In, Finds Her Roommate Just Got Her Shit Together

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Police responded to a call late Monday night about a potential break-in when Tiffany Cross came home to an unfamiliar sight.

When Cross opened the door, she found a clean floor, an empty sink, and three jackets hanging on the coat rack, instead of their usual spot on the couch. Immediately, Cross felt uneasy.

“Those are all things I do, and I hadn’t been home all day,” she said. “I was so scared I ran to my neighbor’s house and called the police.”

While at her neighbor’s house, Tiffany looked into her own house from a window and saw her roommate, Stacey Lewis, emerge from her bedroom.

“I was terrified when I saw her because I knew she was in danger,” she said. “So I called to tell her to get out of the house.”

Lewis had just woken up from a nap when she got the call. She immediately left the house and ran next door. When she started asking questions, Lewis was even more confused than when she arrived.

“She told me she thought there was a murderer in our house because the floors were clean? Like, what the fuck,” Lewis said. “I told her I had cleaned them, but she wouldn’t believe me.”

Cross allegedly refused to believe Lewis, saying “She never cleans. Like literally ever. I’ve lived with her for five years and I’ve never seen her hold a broom.”

Cross had grown so accustomed to doing all the cleaning herself, that when she got home to a clean house, she literally assumed it was a break-in. She was so used to never getting assistance that she went through every possible explanation in her mind and actually landed on assuming a vengeful stranger had wiped her counters. When asked about the phenomenon, Lewis was almost at a loss for words; almost.

“That’s crazy because I clean,” she said. “I’ve done the dishes before. And I take out the trash.”

When asked about the trash, Cross confirmed it was true.

“She only does it because she knows I’m scared to touch anything that gross,” she said. “And it only has to get done every other week so how is that really even a big deal?”

The women returned to their home unscathed, but hyper-aware of the situation. Cross said she isn’t going to expect a change, but she will hope for one. And Lewis said she will try to not leave her spilled ashtray on the coffee table.

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