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Woman Thought Her Eye was Dry Because of Old Age, But it was Actually 27 Contact Lenses

While prepping a 67 year old woman for routine cataract surgery, a surgeon noticed a weird blob in one of her eyes. That “blob” turned out to be 17 contact lenses stacked on top of one another! What the fuck?!

via the British Medical Journal

The worst part? Another 10 lenses were discovered in the same eye, bringing the total up to 27 lenses that had drifted behind her upper eyelid.

As for the patient, this apparently didn’t cause her any kind of distress. According to Gizmodo, she thought dry eyes and discomfort were “just a product of old age.”

How did she didn’t realize 27 contact lenses were just fucking missing is beyond me…

This is why you always take out your contacts before going to sleep, people!

[Via Gizmodo]

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