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Women in Saudi Arabia Can Now Enter Soccer Stadiums for the First Time

In a country where misogyny reigns supreme to the point where women are essentially not allowed to do anything, any move toward social reform is welcome.

After finally enabling women to drive last year, Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing its first reform effort of 2018, as the country’s women will not be permitted to enter soccer stadiums and watch matches from the stands. However, they will be segregated from the men, able to sit only in the “family section.” Their first game that they are capable of watching is in Jeddah during Friday evening.

The fact that Saudi women are still forced to be segregated from the men is incredibly shitty, but I suppose this is a move in the right direction for the country. I mean, of course they really need a complete overhaul to enable women to have the same rights as men, but it looks like baby steps need to be taken.

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