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Why Women Should Never be in Politics

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Women from the very start were created for one purpose: to be man’s companion. Unlike women, men are natural born leaders with a hunger for productivity. Let’s not forget that our very own constitution was written by man to establish fundamental laws and guarantee the basic rights of citizens.  The rationalism that this country’s political system is based off was created by man and should furthermore remain controlled by man. If women were to take place in politics it would upset the natural order and damage our nation’s influential status.

A woman is emotional, free from reason

The difference between animals and mankind is our ability to feel emotion. When did making decisions based off human nature become a concept used to discriminate logic? If anything morality should be the first thing considered when determining solutions to major problems. God forbid we have representation in congress willing to stand up for our unalienable rights…

Women need to be in politics to provide a gray scale to issues men see as black and white. Abortion. You hear the taboo word in public and patiently wait for the heated argument to ignite. This is the termination of human life we’re talking about, a concept an emotional woman shouldn’t even be able to speak of due to the sentimentality of it. So if this is the case, why are women fighting for their personal abortion rights? Could it be due to the fact that this unexpected child does not deserve the unfair, painful life that the unprepared mother would be unable to protect it from? No this can’t be the reason, a woman is far too emotional to make a reasonable decision like that.

The intelligence of man overpower woman’s decision making

Foolish women, with our oversensitivity and irrationality. Just imagine us faced in a high pressure situation…yikes. Good thing men’s higher intelligence can lead us in the right direction. It seemed in this day and age they were running out of purpose. At least men have this fact to feed their ego’s, or should I say had. Women’s IQ has (unsurprisingly) surpassed men’s leaving them with nothing but intellectual blue balls.

“Most women haven’t been in the military, and therefore don’t know the pain of losing a fellow solider. They would make horrible military decisions based on surges of emotional irrationality.” Grow up. Women having a say in military decisions is purely beneficial…I mean did we not raise the men serving in it? Those are our babies in there. More thought would be put toward how to effectively get the job done, and keep our soldiers alive. I understand why men are extremely reluctant about this, it’s not easy to watch women takeover a predominant male position…and kick ass while doing so.

Maternity leave and political participation do not mix

You know what else doesn’t mix? Maternity leave and ANY form of employment. The fact that men consider this a valid reason for resenting female representation in congress is the exact reason women are needed the most: to pull their heads out of their asses! Yes if a female representative was to become pregnant she would take a small period of unpaid leave until she was ready to return. Was this single representative the entire backbone of the organization? If so there are much bigger problems than a possible maternity leave.

The Founding Fathers established this country, not the “Manufacturing Mothers”

Men have always been in charge of this country, and look how good we’re doing. Our standard of living is envied by the majority population of the world, why would we want to alter what has kept us on top from the start? Perhaps because as societies evolve standards do as well- a concept clearly confusing to those running the show.

The wealth gap is increasing alongside the racial and ethnic divide, but who cares when you have money? This is one of the largest problems faced by American’s that our caring government seems to not notice is happening and therefore is doing nothing to help it. When nobody will voluntarily listen then it’s time to find a way to force them to, which leads to violent protesting and other issues. You’ve faced this problem since the elementary school play ground, when your best friend wouldn’t talk to you because you had a crush on her crush. So what did you do? You went to your mother who made you feel better, solved the problem, and saved your very important friendship. That’s what women do. We solve problems, when were not busy cooking and cleaning of course, in the most effective way possible.


Women need to play a role in politics for many reasons, but most importantly because theres no valid reason for them not to. Women would thrive in all political situations and men know it. They are terrified of us. They are terrified that once we change every aspect of politics, a man will never be wanted in a leading position again. That day is coming and we all know it. Will we have to wait for everything to fall apart to have a chance to step in and clean up the mess? If so bring it, and watch women get shit done in ways men never could-after we’re done crying about how upsetting the whole situation is of course…


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