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Woop Woop: ColourPop Cosmetics is Coming to Sephora

And you're gonna save so much money!

For those of us obsessed with beauty products, we know they’re expensive as hell. I mean, 40-something bucks for a lipstick? Kill me why don’t you.

But here’s the problem: most makeup lovers shop in Sephora. There are some perks there but, Sephora only carries expensive stuff. Until now.

ColourPop Cosmetics, the internet-based cosmetics brand is now coming to Sephora. And the best part?


Laura Nelson, co-founder and president of ColourPop’s parent company, Seed Beauty said:

 “We want to evolve the model of how brands and retailers work together, how the two entities partner to explore initiatives and programs.”

Ugh, This just made my day.

ColourPop will hit stores in November 2017.

[via Teen Vogue]

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