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‘Wormwood’ Trailer: Netflix and Errol Morris Present an Intoxicating Mix of CIA, LSD, Documentary, and Fiction

CREDIT: Mark Schafer/Netflix

Netflix is overloaded with so much content to the point that plenty of its originals are rather run-of-the-mill these days, but there is still room to break the mold, and Wormwood aims to do just that.

This 6-episode docudrama series comes courtesy of legendary filmmaker Errol Morris, whose landmark documentaries include Gates of HeavenThe Thin Blue Line, and Fast, Cheap, & Out of Control. On the looks of its trailer, Wormwood looks to continue Morris’ penchant for talking head interviews and recreations. But this time the recreations are cast and produced in such a way as to profoundly blur the line between documentary and fiction.

This series is right up Morris’ alley of wild real-life stories, as it follows one man’s quest to uncover the truth about what happened to his father and how it involved the CIA and drug experimentation.

Wormwood premieres on Netflix December 15. Watch the trailer below:

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