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Yes, Someone Bought A Naked Donald Trump Statue for $22,000

donald trump

Naked Donald Trump Statues were all the rage back in August when Art collective INDECLINE put up statues in a bunch of cities as part of a project called “The Emperor Has No Balls”. They were promptly taken down by city officials in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Cleveland.  The one that appeared in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard just sold for $22,000.

It’s a disgusting amount of money for a disgusting statue but a portion proceeds of the sale went to the National Immigration Forum, a leading immigration advocacy group. Which is appropriate considering Trump’s comments last year about building the wall, Mexico sending “rapists” to the US and calling for stricter immigration laws to catch “bad hombres”.

The statue showed the presidential candidate with a large gut and a very tiny penis. Trump might be self-conscious about his weight given that he hasn’t taken off his blazer in a very long time .

[Via Cosmopolitan]


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