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You Can Now Design the XBox Controller of Your Dreams


Photo by Vjeran Pavic
Photo by Vjeran Pavic

Microsoft is launching the Xbox Design Lab, where players can customize an Xbox controller to their heart’s desire, including an engraving. Watch the trailer announcing this feature, below!

Users can customize the color of just about every part of the controller, from the front and back, to the shoulder triggers, and even D-pad. On the website, Microsoft claims there are around eight million possible color combinations.

Shipping will begin by early September for all orders placed before the end of August. Pricing starts at $79.99, with an extra $9.99 for an inscription.

The new controller is for Xbox One and Windows 7/8.1/10, features Bluetooth® for easy wireless gaming on Windows 10 devices, and a textured grip for more control.

So, what will you design?

[Via Kotaku]

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