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British Artist Sends Striking Message in Portraits of Donald Trump

Antony Micallef

British Artist Antony Micallef, whose work has been collected by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, James Franco and the Olsen sisters, has joined in on the artistic conversation regarding the mess that is the U.S. Presidential election by sending a powerful and striking message within his portrayals of one, particular Presidential candidate. Any guesses?

The London-based painter produced mini portraits of Trump on the front of Marlboro cigarette packs. They’re currently on display in New York for a group exhibition entitled “Why I Want To F*ck Donald Trump”:

Antony Micallef

“I find it really interesting when you find pop type imagery and place it with something much darker. It’s that chemistry you make in the middle that I find really interesting,” Micallef told Mashable. According to the article, his Trump portraits contribute to a wider body of art in the exhibition that comments on the cult of celebrity and the intersection of sensationalism in the political realm.

Donald c🔥nt On a 🚬 packet.

A photo posted by Antony Micallef (@antonymicallef) on

“We live in a world of storytellers where facts are no longer important and truths are irrelevant,” he said in an email to Mashable, “Politics and opinions are polarized and you are either fighting for good or evil. The amalgamation of these elements have been condensed and incarnated in Donald Trump. A self-centered, egocentric billionaire being represented as Robin Hood by saying he will take from the rich and the corrupted and give it back to the poor. This is the savior!… The people have spoken and they want a celebrity God to fix things! Are we really surprised?”

He concluded his commentary on the presidential hopeful explaining, “I dislike what he’s about. This is a trophy for him — nothing else.”

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