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You Need to See James Corden Dressed Up as Belle for the Crosswalk Edition of ‘Beauty and the Beast’


“Daniel Day-Lewis played Abraham Lincoln. Meryl Streep played Margaret Thatcher. James Corden played Belle.”

Corden is right. In many ways, those three will be regarded as similar… at least on late night TV.

James Corden’s under appreciated segment “Crosswalk Musical,” is finally back. Joined by Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, Corden’s theatre troupe tackles the hit Disney musical Beauty and The Beast. And, since Emma Watson couldn’t join them, Corden was tasked with tackling the starring role of Belle, and, boy, is he dedicated.

When the light changes  at Beverly Boulevard outside of CBS, the troupe dashes on the crosswalk to performs various numbers from the film, complete with well made props and beautiful costumes.

So, who do you think makes a better Belle: Watson or Corden?

(We all know it’s Corden)

[Via Elite Daily]

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