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You Need to See These Fans Impressively Recreate the Final Scene from ‘Rogue One’ at Star Wars Celebration

It’s no question that all people remember from Star Wars‘ first stand alone film, Rogue One, was that epic Darth Vader scene that close the film. Not only did it feature our favorite baddie kicking ass in his prime, but it was the perfect segue into the first film of the original trilogy, A New Hope. 

You can catch it above if you somehow haven’t seen it already, or, for the millions of you that have, you can watch these super fans recreate the iconic scene below at Star Wars Celebration over the weekend.

Though not exactly shot for shot, the recreation is quite impressive. Plus, it doesn’t include a CGI version of Carrie Fisher that toes the line between endearing and repulsive.

[Via Mashable]

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