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You Need to See this Video of a Huge Snake Vomiting Up A Whole Antelope After Attempting to Swallow it

On today’s edition of “What the fuck are you making me watch, Internet?” everyone has been obsessively sharing this video of a giant snake vomiting up a whole deer after attempting to swallow it.

And, yes, it’s fucking gross, as is any video involving a deadly creature regurgitating a humongous, dead animal, but I can’t stop watching it.


According to the description of the video, the four-metre African rock python had recently swallowed the buck whole when it was found by transporter Jaco Kotze on his farm. When the snake tried to run away, it had to decide between digesting the creature or making an escape.

And, well, we know which one it chose in the end.

The full video of the ordeal can be found below.

[Via Sploid]

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