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You’re My Favorite Nominee: Tommy Wiseau Wants a SAG Awards Campaign for His ‘Disaster Artist’ Cameo

CREDIT: Isaiah Trickey/Getty

The Hollywood Reporter has the inside scoop on how Tommy Wiseau’s cameo in The Disaster Artist came together. The writer-director-producer-star of The Room always had it in his contract that he would have to appear on screen in the making-of version of his cult classic, and apparently he put a whole lot of thought into what ultimately amounted to a few minutes after the end credits.

Wiseau essentially plays himself at a party, quickly interacting with James Franco-as-Wiseau in an essentially nonsensical conversation. But it seems that Wiseau had a whole unique character in mind named “Henry,” whose characterization was fleshed out via a drawn-on mustache and an intense trip to Lenscrafters.

But the biggest reveal is that apparently Wiseau is pushing The Disaster Artist production team to campaign on his behalf for a SAG Award nomination. I’m not sure why he’s not angling for the Oscars instead (or also), although maybe he’s keeping that on the down-low for now.

Wiseau, for his part, denies the trophy aspirations (“somebody tell you something that is not correct”), but Franco is adamant, telling THR through a bout of laughter: “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no! No, it’s a very real thing! And we told him, we’re like, ‘I think there’s a requirement for a certain amount of screen time. You’re just not eligible!”

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