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YouTuber PewDiePie Apologizes for Racist Slur

Youtuber PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), has just released a video apologizing for him using the N-word during a live-stream. In his video above, titled “My Response,” Felix addresses his use of the word while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, claiming he apparently got caught up in the moment and it “slipped out.”

PewDiePie goes on to say “I owe it to my audience and to myself to do better than this, because I know I’m better than this.” He comments that “it was the worst word he can possibly think of” and he is “really sorry if I offended, hurt, or disappointed anyone with all this.”

Earlier this year, Felix lost a deal with Disney’s Maker Studios over anti-semitic comments that he made in his previous videos.

What is your take on his apology? It doesn’t sound too sincere to me…

[via Vulture]

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