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Did Zayn Ruin His Beautiful Face with a Tattoo?

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik – er, sorry, it’s just Zayn now – is fucking beautiful. It’s no secret.

Look at that face.


I want to cry just looking at it.

But you know what makes me want to cry even more??? Someone with such a beautiful, godly, sculpted-by-angels face that decides to GET A FUCKING TATTOO. ON THEIR BEAUTIFUL, GODLY, SCULPTED-BY-ANGELS FACE.

That’s right. Zayn may (or may not) have tattooed his perfect, perfect face. The boy bander turned solo artist Instagrammed a photo last week which appears to show a tattoo on the side of his face reading “M.O.M” like a classic “mom” tattoo, but it can also be interpreted as the initials for Mind of Mine, the title of his first solo album set to drop later this month.


Like I Would

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Zayn posted the photo in the wake of his second single “LIKE I WOULD,” sure to be a sell out hit just like his first solo single “PILLOWTALK.” But this tattoo?? Is it real???? Did his perfect face just become a little less perfect?? Could the world not handle such beauty and therefore compelled Zayn to add an unnecessary piece of ink to his FACE?!!!

ZAYN’S FACE, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Only time will tell if this M.O.M tattoo is ~real~ or if its just something he had his supermodel GF Gigi Hadid draw on a whim.

Cries forever.

[via E! Online]


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