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Zhou Yongkang, China’s Ex-Security Chief Arrested



A once powerful and corrupt man in charge of China’s internal security apparatus named Zhou Yongkang will be expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) as he is now due for judicial sentencing. After an internal corruption investigation was launched by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, authorities found Yongkang to be guilty of adultery and accepting bribes, among a selection of other offenses. Although he retired two years ago, the probe has traced his entire career/adult life up until this point.

Part of President Xi Jinping’s strategy to end political misconduct and regain the public’s trust in the CPC, Zhou Yongkang is one of many. Aside from taking in extra money and having sex with several different woman, Yongkang also disclosed the party’s involvements to outside sources.

Yongkang, who is in his 70s, was formally a member of China’s intimidating Politiburo Standing Committee. For about a decade, Yongkang was the most feared in the party because of his political abilities. His web was far reaching and full of lies. In 2012 a close friend of his, Bo Xilai (the party chief of Chongqing) was given life imprisonment after narrowly avoiding the death sentence so his company was not the greatest.

It was only a matter of time until Yongkang’s dishonesty caught up with him. With millions in hush money now on record from Liu Han, a mining tychoon,  Yongkang’s trial will show us just how deep Chinese politics can go.

[via BBC]


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