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Zuckerberg Sounds Quite Presidential in His Defending of DACA

As if people weren’t already speaking about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, running in 2020 enough, Zuckerberg who has been quite well spoken on political issues over the past few years, has done so once again. Zuckerberg in a livestream from his home, used his platform to send a direct message to President Trump after his announcement to end DACA on Tuesday.

“To offer the American Dream to people and then to take it away and punish people for trusting their government and coming out of the shadows … is one of the most troubling things that I’ve seen in a long time in our country,” said Zuckerberg in an seemingly irate tone. Considering Facebook, and many other companies workers are expected to be impacted by the decision, this is one which employers are taking personal as well. Both Apple and Twitter have spoken out on the issue as well, with Tim Cook claiming that the decision will effect at least 250 workers that he knows, and Jack Dorsey referring to it as “unnecessary and cruel.”

Though it can’t be confirmed quite yet if Zuckerberg will actually run in 2020, the last words of his broadcast were sure delivered in a tone that had a presidential resonation to them, making the statement of “a lot of people stand with you, and we’re going to fight.”

[via Mashable]


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