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Points and Roto is a website that allows users to play fantasy basketball. Points are scored based on the players performance in games, while Roto is based on the player’s performance in real life.

First and foremost, please make Josh Giddey unavailable in your fantasy basketball league if he is available. You’ll be grateful to me afterwards. When you return, I’ll be waiting for you.

I’ll be patient…

So, first and foremost, a question. Have you changed while you’ve been at home?

We certainly hope so.

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When you spend the better part of two years working until midnight, rising at six, walking ten feet to the gym, walking twenty feet to work, pausing to be mauled by your boxers in the backyard, opening the barn door, making matcha, sitting down, putting on a record, then opening your laptop… only to find your algorithm freshly re-populated by ads for testosterone supplements, hair replacement services, dating sites catfishing men over 40, Wilco conceit

It’s time for a two-minute drill. No-huddle is the way to go. It’s time to pick up the pace.

However, change the beat in a manner that is unique to you. This causes you to develop in a way that is unique to you. (Too many of my peers use the same formula: TikTok, Yeezys, and the term “disruption” every 10 to 20 seconds.)

My dream brain was updated during my at-home no-huddle.

In 2023, I bowed to progress and joined a massive stack of Points leagues after decades of seeing fake basketball management via a roto-centric lens.

It was required. It was required by the market.

Points are a better fit for younger managers who are accustomed to the fantasy football or DFS dynamic. Points is just too popular for me to ignore it in this area.


For the NBA season 2023-2022, you may start or join an ESPN Fantasy Basketball league at any time.

Register for free!

But my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Roto, my Rot

For more than 30 seconds, read the box scores. Searching for undiscovered links between categories. Categorical value is generated through new sources and combinations. We’re looking for sophisticated analytics that will help us provide classified content.

I realized a number of things throughout my at-home re-evaluation. One thing is for certain: I want for fantasy basketball that mirrors the NBA’s ever-changing landscape. This allows me to monitor how trends and developments affect the statistical tectonics of the NBA.

For all of its frantic fun, Points doesn’t spend any time in converting a player’s output into a single, aggregate score. It combines the categories to provide an overall result. It’s guacamole that’s already prepared. (The premium dip is the Worldwide Leader’s Points system.)

“If they want you to prepare the supper, at least they need to let you shop for part of the goods,” says Bill Parcells. I like making my own guacamole. Experimenting. Trying to figure out which elements work best together.

And I kept thinking to myself: “There has to be a way to give Points more categorical nuance. I’m sure there’s a method to plan for both formats simultaneously.”

To convert a reasoning from Points to Roto… and the other way around.

Every fantasy NBA season begins with a hypothesis. “There is an undetermined way of player appraisal that will operate as well under both systems,” says the class of 2023-2022.

No. I’m not simply talking about picking for points each game. There is an excessive amount of competition. When it comes to points per game, there is no such thing as sleeper value. In a competitive league, impact scorers are too few — and too conspicuous — to hoard to win.

As a result, I came up with a few suggestions. I joined a few of leagues. Points, Roto, Salary Cap, Snake, Keeper, and Redraft are among the options available. I made a slew of drafts. Expert draftsmanship. Drafts by a friend. Drafts by complete strangers.

The whole spectrum is covered. The Roto-Points Unification Theory is currently being developed.

To get things started, Championship EditorTM Joe Kaiser proposed that I start the season by highlighting athletes who excel in one format over another.

Meaning: immediately identify players that succeed largely in Points or Roto… and explain why.

So we took a long look and came up with a few names. To keep things simple, I’ll refer to players who are more focused on Points as “Players + Points” and those who are more focused on Roto as “Players in Roto+.”

Points+ Players

Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis, PF

Davis’ low ADP (18) compared to his previous highs (top-3) makes him a critical, make-or-break fantasy player this season. If he stays healthy, he’ll easily outperform his ADP by a nice, solid round. And extracting first-round value out of a late second-round pick may determine a fake league.

In a Points vs. Roto comparison, Davis is roughly a round superior in Points. I’m not a big fan of presenting accurate standings after just a few games. Davis, on the other hand, is about 10th in Points and in the late teens in Roto. That division should be maintained.

His counting numbers seem like they belong in the top five: 28.0 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 3.0 blocks, 0.5 three-pointers, and 0.5 streaks. He’s not doing a fantastic job of passing the ball around.

So there’s a problem with shooting efficiency. Davis’ True Shooting Percentage is continuing to fall, like it did in 2023-21. Davis had a career-low 55.6 TS percent last season. So far in 2023-22, just 54.0 percent has been achieved.

The 54.0 TS percent is the result of a low 3-point percentage (15.4 3PT%), a mediocre free throw percentage (71.4 FT%), and some poor 2-point efficiency. Davis is oddly off from 3-10 feet (33.3%) and 10-16 feet (31.3%), according to Basketball Reference… but aces from 16 feet out to the 3-point line (53.3 percent ).

The season has just just begun. And the Lakers’ soap opera dynamic will produce a lot of highs and lows. But, as I predicted last week with Russell Westbrook, things will level out. The Lakers’ use will shift and disperse over time.

Westbrook’s fantasy value will rise as a result of this. But I’m concerned that Westbrook’s desire to control possession will have an impact on LeBron’s and/or Davis’ fantasy performance throughout the season. I agree with the pundits who suggest Westbrook should manage the second team and swap to the first team on nights when LeBron and/or Davis are resting.

The Usage push-pull will, in my opinion, be more of a LeBron-Westbrook problem. However, it remains to be seen how this will play out with LeBron, Davis, and Westbrook all on the floor at the same moment, functioning in lockstep. But, even if Davis regains some kind of health (and he could miss tonight), it will be some time before his worth stabilizes.

In most cases, this indicates that if his efficiency continues to decline, you may need to consider selling high. In terms of points, his usage will stay high enough to beat his ADP. Davis, on the other hand, might be overvalued in Roto.

Milwaukee Bucks PF Giannis Antetokounmpo

What if the season ended right now? Giannis would be a bust in any format against that 2 ADP. In terms of points, he’s barely in the top ten. And if you squint hard enough, you may be able to say that he’s in the top 25 in Roto.

But it’s so early in the morning. Overreactions in the early stages of the season are just what you want to avoid right now. In terms of Points league productivity, he should be a contender for #1 overall in no time. For Points, his vital indicators are normal.

Antetokounmpo’s Usage Rate is at an all-time high. His defensive counting statistics are acceptable. His much-discussed Achilles’ Heel – free throw production – has gotten better (72.5 FT percent , across a gaudy 10.0 attempts per game).

This isn’t hard to figure out: Giannis had three bad shooting nights to start the season. His field goal percentage is only 47.8%, and he’s only making 27.3 percent of his 3-point attempts. However, his 30-point, 10-rebound, 9-assist performance on Monday and his 40-point, 16-rebound, 7-assist performance on Wednesday will help him climb the rankings.

Still, it’s difficult to see Antetokounmpo recouping his Roto investment with a 2 ADP. To get there, you’ll need a combination of two things: better 3-point shooting (say 2.0 per game at about 38.0 3PT percent) and more free throw attempts/percentage (at least 78 FT percent, spanning 11-13 FTA/g).

Even so, in Roto leagues where turnovers are counted, it may not be enough. The 6.5 assists are exceptional. However, a 2-to-1 ratio against 3.3 turnovers is a bit too high a price to pay.

New Orleans Pelicans PF Zion Williamson

Williamson has yet to begin his 2023-22 season, but we’d be negligent if we didn’t offer you a sneak peek at his output. Because there is a two-round difference in worth between Zion Williamson, Roto team member, and Zion Williamson, Points team member. Minimum.

The 2023-21 season is a good comparison for Zion’s 2023-22 season: 61 games played. 27.0 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 3.7 APG, 0.9 BPG, 0.6 SPG, 0.2 3PG, 2.7 TPG (the quiet killer), 69.8 FT%, 61.1 FG%

Last season, he was a fifth pick in Roto… and a second rounder in Points (based on per-game worth).

That seems to be a good estimate for 2023-22. However, Zion’s upside factor has a significantly greater ceiling than other players owing to his unique mix of talents. He might improve in any of the following areas: 3-point shooting, assists, blocks, free throws, and rebounds are all good options.

The fact that Zion acts in the grey is what makes him so appealing in imagination. On the one hand, there are several injury red flags. Generational skill, on the other hand. Is Zion honing his skills to play more like a big man? Is he able to streamline and provide a little bit of everything?

It’s all a hazy situation. The fantastical middle ground. My recommendation is to play it safe and rely on previous year’s statistics. Keep in mind that he’s undervalued in Points but overvalued in Roto, and adjust your strategy appropriately.

Players+ Other Points (more than one round better in Points than Roto)

Luka Doncic is a Serbian footballer who plays for the Trae Young is a professional basketball player. Mitchell, Donovan Dejounte Murray Ja Morant Sabonis, Domantas McCollum, CJ Russell Westbrook is a basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma

Roto+ Players

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, PG

If you read last week’s column, I went into great detail on the Warriors’ chances of regaining their Golden Age efficiency. Except for Curry, it’s looking like a retro campaign thus far.

Again, it’s much too early. On opening night, Curry suffered a high-profile shooting malfunction. He’s now in the top five in Roto and the top ten in Points.

Curry’s shooting efficiency returning to former levels does not worry me in the least. Curry’s early struggles are similar to Davis’: his 2-point percentage is pulling him down (47.4 2PT percent compared. 56.9 2PT percent last season). The proportion of free throws made has increased. The 3-point percentage is in line with industry averages.

However, with all of Golden State’s new components in the rotation, Curry’s 2-point percentage has dropped and his turnovers have increased (4.3 per game). But, as I said last week, there’s a lot of latent potential in these Warriors as they get closer to full health.

Memphis Grizzlies’ Jaren Jackson Jr., PF

That 90 ADP is a massive opportunity. This is a great time to purchase since the price is so cheap. I’m sure we’ve been puffing up JJJr for what seems like an eternity. But it’s starting to feel like it.

I believe Jackson will finish in the top 40 in terms of points. In Roto, top-30 value.

That’s correct. As high as I rate Jackson, I feel he will be more useful in Roto, which may seem counterintuitive for a player with his high-motor skill set.

However, Jackson’s comparisons, in my opinion, are more in line with the borderline-elites of the past, when points per game were a mere afterthought. The term “1+1+1” was invented by myself. Jackson has the “3+3+3” potential that I’ve coined: three threes, three assists, and three steals+blocks.

Jackson’s main flaw in the past was his health. According to all indications, this is a completely ambulatory campaign. Jackson’s floor in Roto is top-40 if he plays 68 games or more. He has a top-20 ceiling.

Additional Roto+ Players (one round better in Roto over Points)

Bridges Miles Jarrett, Jonas Valanciunas Ball, Allen LaMelo Lonzo Ball Zach LaVine Derrick White is a professional basketball player. Barnes, Harrison Holmes, Richaun

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between roto and points fantasy baseball?

A: In the game of fantasy baseball there are two different types of scoring systems used. The standard one is known as points and it rewards each player for their point total in a given week, which could be anything from 1-6 depending on how many games they play.

What are roto points?

A: Roto points (or rotations) are the way in which Beat Saber determines when a song has ended.

What is the difference between roto and H2H?

A: Roto is a term for an attack in which you hit your opponent with punches while moving backwards. H2H, on the other hand, stands for head to head and describes an attack in which one fighter moves towards their opponent and delivers blows simultaneously.

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