The Detroit Red Wings’ slow, painful ‘Yzerplan’ is finally starting to pay off

The Detroit Red Wings are one of the most historic franchises in all of sports, but they also happen to be among the worst teams in recent memory. It’s been 30 years since their last Stanley Cup win and counting… until now? The team has pulled off three straight playoff appearances for the first time in decades this year on an unprecedentedly-slow rebuild that is finally starting to pay off.

The “Detroit Red Wings’ slow, painful ‘Yzerplan’ is finally starting to pay off.” The Detroit Red Wings have been struggling for a while. They are now starting to win games and get back into the playoffs.

When will the Detroit Red Wings’ renovation be completed?

Shawn Horcoff, the Red Wings’ director of player development since the 2016-17 season, said, “Is the reconstruction ever over?” “In my opinion, the reconstruction is only really complete when you win the Stanley Cup. Either you’re rebuilding and trying to become better, or you’ve won the Stanley Cup.”

(It seems that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been rebuilding for 54 years…)

Even though many of the elements are created in Sweden, “The Yzerplan” is not the same as assembling a dresser from IKEA. When he returned as a franchise savior in 2019, general manager Steve Yzerman declared “this is going to take time,” and over two years later, no falsehood has been discovered. Despite his frustrated coach’s numerous requests to ramp up the pace in Motown, he inherited a reconstruction and chose not to hasten it.

“Obviously, these are tough situations for a coach to deal with. You see someone who can assist you and want them to arrive as soon as possible “This week, Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill, who is in his sixth season in Detroit, told me. “It isn’t always simple. I’m not always in agreement. But that’s why I’m the manager and Steve is the coach.”

Slow and steady, according to the “Yzerplan,” will finally win the race.

Slowly, painfully slow.

According to George Malik of The Malik Report, a Red Wings site that predates the internet, it’s impatiently sluggish for some.

He informed me, “Not everyone believes in ‘The Yzerplan.’” “People still complain about players being sent to the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins instead of the Detroit Red Wings — see Joe Veleno, for example — and every defeat results in at least three or four supporters exclaiming, ‘Oh, Good Gordie Howe in Hockey Heaven, here we go again.’”

Fans like Malik are still reeling from the shock of the Red Wings’ transformation from regular Stanley Cup contenders to yearly conference cellar dwellers.

For supporters like him, though, this season is different. Moritz Seider, a 20-year-old defenseman, made his NHL debut after being picked sixth overall in 2019. Despite the Red Wings’ careful development plan, 19-year-old Lucas Raymond off-roaded his way to the NHL this season, essentially compelling them to put him on the roster following impressive performances at the rookie showcase and in the preseason.


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They haven’t been able to shield all of the young players from the depressing effects of defeat. Dylan Larkin, the team’s captain, is 25 years old. In 2016, he appeared in five postseason games. He hasn’t returned since. Blashill has had to have “a lot of chats” with Larkin regarding his current situation.

“It was critical for Dylan, Tyler Bertuzzi, Filip Hronek, and a lot of our excellent, young guys to understand that you don’t want to lose your way when you’re losing,” he added.

The reconstruction strategy isn’t ideal. They haven’t made the playoffs in five years and haven’t had a top three selection. Since the 2017 draft, just seven players have played in the NHL. Despite some flashes of rookie promise, the Red Wings aren’t projected to make the playoffs this season, even though their 4-2-1 start suggests they may.

But Yzerman has seen this process before: he built the bulk of the current Tampa Bay Lightning squad, which has won back-to-back Stanley Cups. And in Detroit, where he was taken fourth overall in 1983 and joined a team known as the “Dead Things” at the time before going on to have a three-decade run of success.

“It’s one of the things I like about him because he’s experienced it. It’s something he’s seen. “He and [senior vice president] Jimmy Devellano, who is still with the company and was the architect of the previous reconstruction,” Blashill added, “provide vital insight.” “Is it going to assist with the fan base?” That Steve has experienced it as a player? That he’s gone through it as a manager in Tampa? I believe it does.

“The truth is that doing things well takes time in most circumstances. You’ll need to be patient. That’s something I’ve commended Steve on many times. He’ll never let frustration influence any of his long-term choices.”


Fouls in Jersey

Edmonton, Alberta, the home of oil and honey: Connor McDavid scored his 200th career goal

October 22, 2023 — Tim and Friends (@timandfriends)

As “McJesus” is Connor McDavid’s major moniker, this may be the less blasphemous Foul. However, if there was any proof that McDavid was a fan of World of Warcraft or any edition of the “That’s What I Call Music!” series, we’d be more comfortable with this variation.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s going on in Anaheim:

@wyshynski We already have an opening night in Anaheim for #jerseyfoul

October 14, 2023 — Post Pandemic Parker (@Parker 008)

This sweater is a perfect example of a Protest Jersey. Although we’re not sure why Scott Niedermayer’s retired number was chosen for this homage to the Battle of California.

Three facts about the Chicago Blackhawks

1. As hockey fans, there are moments when it is tough to remain committed to the sport. This has been one of those weeks for me.

The purposeful ignorance of those members of the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks who rejected or buried Kyle Beach’s charges, regarding them as inconvenient to their playoff run, is only equaled by the courage of Kyle Beach in coming out with his truth.

His TSN interview exposed the poison of hockey culture. It’s a culture where “trying to win a Stanley Cup was more important than sexual assault,” as Beach put it. When the safety of an assistant coach takes precedence over the compassion and dignity of a young athlete.

At the end of the day, you’re left wondering how many more Kyle Beaches exist: How many more young athletes never made it to the NHL or “didn’t fit the culture” because something like this shattered their spirits behind closed doors; and, conversely, how many more clubs failed to safeguard those guys in the same way the Blackhawks reportedly did?


Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan, hosts, bring their hockey knowledge and enthusiasm to the show, analyzing the latest news from the league and interviewing the greatest stars on and off the rink. Listen to it here »

2. Hearing Beach describe his alleged attacker, Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich, celebrating with the teams after their 2010 Stanley Cup triumph was the most painful part for me. Taking on the ice to raise the Cup. As if nothing had occurred, Joel Quenneville and the other coaches were in the changing room. Participating in the parade.

“It made me feel insignificant. It gave me the impression that I didn’t exist. It made me feel insignificant and… as if he was right and I was wrong “Beach stated his opinion.

I am really requesting that Brad Aldrich’s name be removed off the Stanley Cup immediately. To block out, make a sequence of Xs. Get rid of it. It makes no difference to me. Kyle Beach has lived with dread for more than a decade, and that man’s name on that trophy is a testament to it.

3. With Stan Bowman out of the picture, all eyes are on the next Chicago general manager.

I believe the club will hire two executives: a president of hockey operations and a general manager. The president position may be a consolation to the fan base: a well-known figure who can assist the club turn a new page in terms of culture. Someone like Eddie Olczyk comes to mind right away.

There will be no shortage of candidates and options for the general manager position, which will include executives with prior experience (former Rangers GM Jeff Gorton, former Devils GM Ray Shero, current Blues VP of hockey operations Peter Chiarelli) as well as assistant GMs knocking on the door, such as Montreal assistant GM Scott Mellanby and former Chicago Steel exec Ryan Hardy, who is currently with the Leafs.

The wild card is Jim Rutherford, the former general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who is currently hunting for a new team to head at 72 years old. He’s said to prefer being the president of hockey operations than being the general manager at this point, although he’s done both previously.

Good luck to whomever wins the job, knowing that there will be a lot of messes to clean up in Chicago, both on and off the ice.

The week’s winners and losses

Flames On is the winner.

Andrew Mangiapane and Elias Lindholm were tied for second in the NHL with eight goals on Wednesday night, behind only Alex Ovechkin (8), who looks to be aiming to match Gretzky’s record by New Year’s Eve. Through six games, no one on the Calgary Flames has scored more than two goals. Hey, you greedy lads, leave something for the rest of the boys.

Loser: The Habs are no longer in the game.

Losing Shea Weber for the foreseeable future and Carey Price for an indefinite period of time was certain to throw the Canadiens off balance. But no one expected them to be so shaky: With the league’s worst offense, they’re 1-6-0. (1.57 goals per game). In seven games, Brendan Gallagher and Josh Anderson both have one assist. Nick Suzuki has two assists on the season. Tyler Toffoli has two assists and a goal. It all adds up to a big “yikes.”

Vincent Vega was the winner.

That’s a picture of MY starting goalkeeper.

October 27, 2023 — Leighann Strollo (@LeighannStrollo)

It’s NHL Halloween party season, and it’ll be tough to beat New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin and girlfriend Anna Butusova as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction.” Get a $5 milkshake for him!

Candy corn is the loser.

@JetBlue | #NHLBruins @JetBlue | #NHLBruins @JetBlue | #NHLBruins @JetBlue | #NHLBruins

October 25, 2023 — Boston Bruins (@NHLBruins)

Candy corn is the most contentious Halloween treat this side of a jar of raisins — because, really, raisins? When the Boston Bruins were asked about their thoughts on this Halloween staple, they were practically united in their distaste. Except for David Pastrnak’s ultimate indignity, who had never heard of them before.

Connor McDavid is the winner.

The Edmonton Oilers star has six consecutive multi-point games under his belt and is on pace to collect more than 200 points this season. I wasn’t old enough to remember Wayne Gretzky in his heyday, and having SportsChannel America didn’t provide me much access to Campbell Conference games. Was it similar to what we’re seeing from Connor now? Except he doesn’t have the kind of good goaltending that Gretzky did?

‘Loser’ is a true story.

One of the stories surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs’ incredible start to the season was that their presence in Amazon Prime’s “All or Nothing” series had harmed the club inside. Mitchell Marner, in particular, had two assists in eight games and did not seem good on the program. Teams were hurrying to shut their dressing room doors to keep camera crews out.

Names with eerie connotations come out on top.

Before their ECHL debut next season, the Savannah Ghost Pirates have released their name and logo.

October 27, 2023 — Justin A. Cohn (@SportsiCohn)

Savannah, Georgia is home to the ECHL’s newest franchise. A contest to name the squad drew 3,000 submissions. The winner was “Ghost Pirates,” since guided excursions including ghosts, pirates, or ghosts and pirates are available in Savannah. Also, this logo is lovely, and we’d want to poke its stomach if it’s not a real apparition and our finger doesn’t pass straight through it.

Jump scares are a loser.

This isn’t something you see every day.

Evgeny Kuznetsov is smacked in the face by a stick being transferred from the bench to Dylan Larkin.

October 28, 2023 — Sportsnet (@Sportsnet)

On Wednesday night, Evgeny Kuznetsov was sliding down the ice for the Capitals when he was struck in the face by a stick handed from the Detroit bench to Dylan Larkin. There was no punishment, which is unfortunate since we’re sure the officials could have concocted something amusing to excuse it.

Headlines by Puck

  • Mark Lazerus has a good post up on who in the Kyle Beach situation should actually be sorry. “Beach’s bravery and compassion come through, in stark contrast to the lack of both shown by the persons in charge of his career and protection 11 years ago.”

  • Joel Quenneville, according to Cat Silverman: “When these points of reckoning wash over the hockey world, it will be difficult not to bring up Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman’s kindness — and, very likely, a number of Blackhawks players who will come under fire for their handling of the situation — These folks, on the other hand, are not excellent mentors. They aren’t really pleasant. They just aren’t.”

  • Can the Sharks maintain their strong start? “Right now, they’re the worst possession club in the NHL, and although it’s a tiny sample size, it’s worth keeping an eye on.”

  • How an injury to Jake Guentzel led to the “creation of a new piece of hockey equipment that might protect others from experiencing a similar fate.”

  • Could Cleveland, which is now home to the American Hockey League’s Monsters, support an NHL franchise? “Dan Gilbert, who also owns the NBA’s Cavaliers, isn’t interested in owning an NHL franchise since he could manage a lower league team for a lot less money.”

  • During the season, the Colorado Avalanche’s venue changes its COVID policy to demand “evidence of COVID-19 immunization or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the event.”

  • Moritz Seider and Lucas Raymond of the Detroit Red Wings are the focus of this article. “The most intriguing aspect of Seider’s game is his ability to become involved by running up the ice, then recover quickly to suffocate the counter-attack.”

  • Perhaps the Ducks should be more cautious with Jamie Drysdale?

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We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest buddy, Kristen Shilton, who was in charge of the Power Rankings this week!

The “Detroit Tigers” is a team that has been trying to rebuild for years. Their slow, painful “Yzerplan” is finally starting to pay off. Reference: detroit tigers.

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