Belenenses v Benfica: Portuguese match abandoned after Belenenses left with six players

In the final minutes of this match, which was originally scheduled to have been played at Estadio da Luz in Lisbon on Wednesday 3 March, Benfica decided not to continue with the game and asked for an abandonment.

The Belenenses F.C. has been playing in the Primeira Liga since 1922, but they have had to abandon their match against Benfica due to a lack of players.

Benfica's Rafa da SilvaThis season, Benfica has only lost once in the league.

Belenenses’ Portuguese top-flight match against Benfica was called off early in the second half because the home team had just six players on the field after playing the first half with nine players, including two goalkeepers.

Belenenses had 17 players out due to a Covid outbreak at halftime, and they were behind 7-0.

And, after a prolonged break, the team in third place reappeared with just seven players, before an injury occurred shortly after the resumption, leaving them with only six players, prompting an instant abandonment.

Bernardo Silva, a Portuguese midfielder for Manchester City, tweeted early in the game: “What exactly is this? Is it just me that doesn’t get why the game hasn’t been rescheduled?”

Belenenses, who were forced to play goalie Joao Monteiro in defense, got off to the worst possible start, conceding an own goal in the opening minute.

Benfica averaged 85 percent possession with the two-man advantage, demonstrating their domination.

By halftime, the visitors had taken control thanks to an own goal from Brazilian defender Eduardo Kau, two goals from Haris Seferovic, one from Julian Weigl, and a Darwin Nunez hat-trick.

The game was called off a minute into the second quarter when Monteiro fell to the ground, causing the referee to stop play since the required number of players – seven – were not present.

“Football only has heart if it is competitive,” the Belenenses players said in a joint statement before the match. Football has heart only when it is really sporting.

“Football has heart only when it is used to promote public health. Football has lost its soul nowadays.”



4-4-2 formation

Ramalho 99Sofrimento

2nd Santos Cabral22nd Santos Cabral22nd Santos Cabral22nd Santos Cab Ribeiro Pires44de Ribeiro Pires44de Ribeiro Pires44 Santos Sousa34 Pedro Lopes is a Portuguese actor.

20 Ferreira Santos (31), Ferreira Santos (31), Ferreira San Silva Monteiro is 33 years old. Boni42 Sá Montez, Cavaco Silva


  • Ramalho 99Sofrimento
  • Santos Cabral, No. 2 45’minutes was substituted for
  • Ribeiro Pires 22
  • Santos, 44 de Sousa
  • 34 Pedro Lopes is a Portuguese actor.
  • Ferreira Santos, 20
  • 31 Silva Monteiro came in as a substitute at the 48th minute.
  • 33Boni
  • 42Cavaco Silva Sá Montez (Cavaco Silva Sá Montez) 45’minutes was substituted for
  • 972
  • 981



3-4-2-1 formation


34 Almeida’s Magalhes 30Otamendi5 Vertonghen

22Lazaro28Weigl20Joo Mário3Grimaldo 22Lazaro28Weigl20Joo Mário3Grimaldo

27 Silva9Nez Ferreira Silva9Nez Ferreira Silva9Nez Ferreira Silva9N


  • 99Vlachodimos
  • 34 Almeida’s Magalhes
  • 30Otamendi At 45’minutes, he was replaced by Rodrigues da Silva.
  • 5Vertonghen
  • 22Lazaro
  • Taarabtat 45’minutes was replaced by 28Weigl.
  • 20Joo Mário is a fictional character created by Joo Mário.
  • 3GrimaldoIn place ofBastio Diasat 45’minutes
  • 27 Ferreira Silva is a Portuguese actor. At 45’minutes, he was replaced by Afonso Fernandes.
  • 9Núñez At 45’minutes, Matias Ramos was replaced.
  • 14Seferovic


  • 2Junior
  • Soares, Sousa, Soares, Soares, Soares, So
  • 15Yaremchuk
  • 21-year-old Afonso Fernandes
  • 31 Dias, Bastio
  • 49Taarabt
  • Aleixo Leite, 77
  • Matias Ramos, 88Matias Ramos, 88Matias Ram
  • 91 Rodrigues da Silva is a Brazilian businessman.

Live Text

  1. Belenenses 0 Benfica 7. Match abandoned due to inadequate players.

  2. Belenenses 0 Benfica 7 at the conclusion of the second half.

  3. After Belenenses had used all of their substitutes, Joo Monteiro was hurt.

  4. Belenenses 0 Benfica 7 kicks off the second half.

  5. Benfica has made a substitution. Darwin Nez is replaced by Gonçalo Ramos.

  6. Benfica has made a substitution. Rafa is replaced by Pizzi.

  7. Benfica has made a substitution. Julian Weigl is replaced by Adel Taarabt.

  8. Benfica has made a substitution. Alejandro Grimaldo is replaced by Gil Dias.

  9. Benfica has made a substitution. Nicolás Otamendi is replaced by Morato.

  10. After Belenenses had used all of their substitutes, Diogo Calila was hurt.

  11. After Belenenses had used all of their substitutes, António Montez was hurt.

  12. Belenenses 0 Benfica 7 at the conclusion of the first half.

  13. Goal! Benfica 7, Belenenses 0. Benfica’s Darwin Nez hits the bottom right corner with a left-footed drive from the heart of the area. Alejandro Grimaldo assisted.

  14. Darwin Nez was called for a foul (Benfica).

  15. In the defensive half, Joo Monteiro (Belenenses) earns a free kick.

  16. Benfica’s corner. Rafa Santos has a goal.

  17. Attempt was thwarted. The header from the heart of the box by Haris Seferovic (Benfica) is blocked. Valentino Lazaro provided the assist with a cross.

  18. Benfica’s corner. lvaro Ramalho has a goal.

  19. The attempt has been saved. A right-footed shot from outside the box by Darwin Nez (Benfica) is saved in the lower right corner. Joo Mário was a big help.

  20. Belenenses defeats Benfica with a score of 0:6. Benfica’s Haris Seferovic scores from the penalty spot with a left-footed strike to the top right corner.

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Benfica and Belenenses were supposed to play a match in the Portuguese Primeira Liga on Saturday. The game was abandoned after Benfica left with six players. Reference: benfica belenenses highlights.

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