Shopping trends Etsy predict will be big in 2023

In a recent post, Etsy’s Chief Marketing Officer stated that their latest 2019 trend predictions are focused on sustainable fashion and environmentally friendly products. In 2023, they predict that the most relevant trends will be wellness and tech-based adventures.

The “trends etsy 2023” is a list of predictions made by Etsy that are expected to be popular in the year 2023. The list includes topics such as “Graphic Novels,” “Fantasy and Sci-Fi,” and “Horror.”

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We’re all about being brave and bringing something new to the table. (Photos courtesy of Getty)

In the year 2023, people’s shopping patterns changed dramatically.

DIY and house repair became a priority, continuing the trend from the previous year.

Revival culture did as well, with Y2K trends and other TikTok-inspired ‘cores’ that harked back to a bygone era, maybe as a wistful desire for life before the epidemic.

Gifting grew more significant as well. When hugs were no longer permitted, gifts had to express even more affection and personalization than before.

So, what are the Etsy experts’ predictions for key trends in 2023?

‘As we wrap out another year packed with ups and downs, next year will be about achieving balance in all facets of our lives, from how we spend our time to the purchases we make,’ says Dayna Isom Johnson, a trend analyst.

People will be beginning the new year seeking to discover ‘lagom,’ a Swedish attitude about having just the right amount of something rather than excess, as a result of the massive sustainability drive at the end of the year owing to Cop26.

Green emerald

green chair

The color emerald will be found throughout the house (Picture: Getty)

Green has been a reoccurring element in fashion, cosmetics, and homeware this year.

People went for sage and Kermit tones, which are larger than Pantone’s colors of the year, yellow and grey.

Emerald green, which isn’t as bright as Kermit but not as subdued as sage, will provide a nice balance.

According to Dayna, the color represents ‘peace and progress.’

‘We’re already seeing buyers seeking for ways to use this color, with searches for emerald green clothing up 64% and emerald green décor up 60%.’

‘Even better, this deep and grounded colour pairs well with a wide range of other trendy colors, from earthy terracottas and neutrals to luxury golds and silvers,’ she explains, making it simple to incorporate into existing décor.

Lighting that makes a statement


Make your statements loud and clear (Picture: Getty)

In recent months, Etsy has seen a 344 percent spike in searches for 1970s lighting, as well as a 27% increase in searches for sculptural or ornamental lighting, a 25% increase in searches for antique lighting, and a 22% increase in searches for colorful lighting.

‘Equal weights’ Statement lighting is both utilitarian and stylish, allowing people to highlight their magnificent houses while also serving as eye-catching artwork.

‘Many are already on the lookout for statement lighting that represents their own particular style, from sculptural pendants to prominent sconces,’ Dayna explains.

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Weddings with a lot of color


Chairs with ribbons of various colors (Photo courtesy of Getty)

The days of dull beige wedding color palettes are over; searches for colorful weddings have already increased by 223 percent.

The pleasure of the big day will be expressed in the wedding’s style, from the costumes to the initiations to the centerpieces.

‘Mix mood-boosting, colorful colours with gentler neutrals for a perfectly-balanced and playful-yet-elevated look,’ Dayna advises.

Pop-punk resurgence

punk man

Wear your anger on your sleeve. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

This trend is part of the Y2K style comeback that is now sweeping the fashion world.

On Etsy, spiked collar searches are up 879 percent, with vintage plaid products (up 48 percent *), fishnet items (up 37 percent *), and studded belts (up 34 percent *) all seeing increases.

‘Pop-punk is all about self-expression and individuality, and millennials and Gen Zers are reclaiming the style trend and giving it their own unique touch.

‘For those who aren’t ready to totally commit to the style, consider incorporating a few pop-punk items into an existing daily wardrobe, such as a mesh top, a pair of combat boots, or a vintage leather jacket,’ Dayna suggests.

Mythical beasts and dragons

children drawing

All things ethereal will be welcomed (Picture: Getty)

This, according to Dayna, will be a huge subject for kids.

‘Parents want to reintroduce the sense of wonder that comes with being a child.

‘Introduce yourself to dragons, fairies, and other magical beings. ‘With nothing more than their imagination, children may escape to mysterious and enchanting universes via fairytale and fantasy-filled play.’

Fairy things were searched for 51% more, mythological animals or beasts were searched for 39% more, and dragon toys were searched for 22% more.

‘Best of all, these make-believe animals are a terrific gender-neutral kids theme that will appear on everything from nursery mobiles to toys to garments and more,’ she says.

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