LaVar Ball Wears A Cap That Said “I Told You So” To Prove He Was Right About LaMelo And Lonzo Being Good NBA Players

LaVar Ball is always looking for attention, and that was no different during a game against the Lakers. LaMelo and Lonzo are both currently playing for their father’s team in Lithuania, with hopes to improve enough to make it into the NBA themselves one day.

LaVar Ball has been in the news recently because of his children, LaMelo and Lonzo. In an interview with ESPN’s “The Jump”, LaVar said that he told people that his sons would be good NBA players. He wore a cap that said “I Told You So” to prove he was right about his sons being good NBA players. Read more in detail here: ball family nba.


The latest matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets was billed as a must-see event. The most exciting part of the game for spectators was seeing Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball duke it out.

Despite the fact that Lonzo and the Bulls won, it was an entertaining matchup that the fans really enjoyed. The Bulls currently have a 14-8 record and are in second place in the Eastern Conference, just behind the Brooklyn Nets. The Hornets, on the other side, have a 13-10 record.

Anyway, with the Ball brothers playing in such a highly anticipated game, their father, LaVar Ball, had no choice but to attend. LaVar not only attended the game, but he also used a covert approach to call out the naysayers of LaMelo and Lonzo.

LaVar sported a cap with the words “I told you so” on it, and it was apparent what he was getting at. This was in reaction to those who believed his boys would fail in the NBA and not be able to have a successful career.

There was no question that NBA fans would like LaVar’s headgear after viewing it. The “NBA Buzz” Facebook page shared a graphic of his headgear, which was well received by fans.

With being stated, here are some of the finest comments left by ecstatic NBA fans on the article. Believe us when we say that you will like the remarks.

Calarco, Jesse: “Respect for Lavar’s ambition and enthusiasm to “sell” and publicly believe in his boys, but when it came down to it, everyone knew that two of the three brothers were NBA possibilities. It’s incredible that a single family can produce two NBA players, yet what Lavar said or didn’t say about his boys had little bearing on their potential abilities. Most people were more concerned that Lavar’s impulsive words were polarizing and antagonizing than that he may have been lying about his son’s talent.”

Michael Burgess (Michael Burgess): “To be fair, he did say that all three Balls would be playing for the Lakers together. Nonetheless, this is a victory for him.”

Clark, Zakya N: “He did all he could to focus attention on his boys. He got you to pay attention by hyping them up. It reminds me of Richard Williams, who did something similar with Serena and Venus. Whether you despise or like him, he’s a fantastic parent.”

“The law of attraction of respect is tremendous,” says Donnie McKay.

Dominique Ingram (Ingram): “When UCLA moved abroad, Gelo stole from that shop, which I despise! If it weren’t for it, he’d be playing in the NBA right now.”

Norton, Taylor Christian: “Lavar Ball did warn us that his sons were men’s monsters!!! Mvps of the future!!!”

“You don’t have to like him, but he’s a fantastic parent.” Thin Lion

Glenn, James: “I’m sure he was ecstatic while watching the game. Salute.”

“Na nobody questioned ya boys making it to the nba you were making them to be the next kebron there’s a difference,” the rhyming effect says.

“He warned y’all years ago, and y’all didn’t trust him,” Ty DaGeneral says.

“That’s the basic line,” German Gonzalez says, quoting Lavar Ball.

LaVar has always been adept at energizing his children. In fact, he recently expressed his desire for his three kids to join a Chicago super squad. 

While it may remain a pipe dream, it is encouraging to see the Balls excel in the league. Despite having enjoyed a promising start to their careers, they must now assist their respective clubs win an NBA championship.

To be honest, LaMelo could need some time for this. Lonzo, on the other hand, is a member of a star-studded Bulls squad that has been playing like one of the league’s best so far.

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