Gus: “Magic gets over all obstacles”

Gus: “Magic gets over all obstacles”

Gus, you’ve possibly seen him on television. With his magic techniques, he understands exactly how to place celebrities in the eyes of the target market. Did you recognize that his occupation started at the antipodes of magic?

With a Masters in Sales Management and also International Negotiation, Gus had not been predestined to be an illusionist. He uncovered his enthusiasm for magic in his twenties, in2009 During that time he got on a college exchange in Hong Kong. Hereafter “discovery” he strove to grasp the strategies. And also it will certainly settle. 2 years later on, throughout an additional exchange, he came to be the main illusionist of the New Theater in Copenhagen.

On tv, the public finds Gus when he gets to the 2015 Tele-Hook finals. France has an amazing ability.

His conference with the speaker Arthur after that unlocked to various other programs, and also every little thing is permitted on Friday also. In between 2 television collections, he also signed up with The Illusionists 2.0 in 2017, a program that united the 7 best illusionists of the brand-new generation.

On the event of his see to the Tour-de-Treme on May 20 th, Gus informs us regarding his profession, his enthusiasm for magic as well as his launching in the I3P collection.

Information as well as tickets for his program at the Tour-de-Treme are offered below!

Gus Illusionist: 30 methods and also adjustments

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