‘Lion King’ Fans Discover Insane ‘Hakuna Matata’ Easter Egg in Another Movie

‘Lion King’ Fans Discover Insane ‘Hakuna Matata’ Easter Egg in Another Movie

Moviegoers found an incredible Disney Easter egg The Lion King in one more movie starring the very same voice star.

The animal-themed standard was launched in 1994 and also is currently among one of the most renowned kids’s movies of the moment.

Simba’s memorable tale was given birth to by an all-star actors, consisting of the voice of Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, and also the voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones.

Nathan Lane, one fifty percent of the adorable duo Timon and also Pumbaa, additionally voices one more important personality.

Lane after that starred in one more family members movie, Mouse seeker launched in 1997, together with Christopher Walken.

The laugh-out-loud film sees Lane and also Lee Evans play bros that acquire a home as well as take place to fight its resident rodent.

But a motion picture enthusiast re-watching the movie detected Lane saying his renowned line from the cartoon animation, informing an additional that strolls past “Hakuna Matata.”

Redditor WeaponsGradeLager shared a clip of the film on the website’s Movie Details discussion forum, claiming, “In Mouse seeker(1997) Nathan Lane states “Hakuna Matata” to an Arab visitor. Lane was the voice of Timon in The Lion King(1993).”

The remark shows up to describe the added’s outfit, with the male seeming putting on a variation of a keffiyeh, or else called a ghutrah or shemagh, which is a conventional Arabic headdress. It likewise sporting activities an agal, which is the black band that holds the fabric in position on the head.

The blog post, which can be seen right here, has actually amassed almost 25,000 upvotes given that it was published on Sunday, with the tagline Easter egg.

Others had not linked both movies prior to either, as Miss __ Information created, “Having seen both movies loads of times, I really feel so embarrassed today. Thanks OP!”

Prsanker commented, “Imagine what it should resemble to be a star starring in a movie that referrals a previous movie in which claimed star starred as an animation personality. Savage.”

Tvnacho stated, “Yo this motion picture is impressive. I saw it a lot of times when I was a child. I never ever placed both with each other however it’s Timon’s voice right haha.”

MrJason300 confessed, “I saw this once more a couple of months ago with my good friend and also poked fun at the moment. It was a positive shock as he articulated Timon plainly haha.”

While Aresunbound included, “Love this film. Many thanks for the fond memories companion.”

WeaponsGradeLager likewise applauded Lane in the remarks, claiming, “Nathan Lane is a prize. His Max Byalistok is unmatched.”

While one more eagle-eyed audience explained, “Ernie Sabella, that plays Pumbaa, is additionally in this film.”

To which WeaponsGradeLager responded with “well seen!” As exposed by the Redditor, Timon as well as Pumbaa’s voice stars have actually been rejoined for this movie, with Sabella playing Maury, the proprietor of the Cat Care Society, in Mouse seeker

The Lion King generated many films, television programs, and also was also made right into a brilliant Broadway manufacturing.

The last movie in the franchise business was launched in 2019 as well as was an online activity shot including CGI pets.



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