Templeton School District Looks at State Assessments •

The Templeton School District is looking to the state assessments, which are used for high school graduation, as a way of providing more information about students. Some of these assessments include writing prompts and essay questions that have no direct ties to what teachers expect their students will learn in class.

The “templeton unified school district” is looking into the state assessments. The school district has been considering the state-mandated tests for years, but this year they are taking action.

Templeton School District Looks at State Assessments •

In March 2023, the Board recommends convening a debate on a prospective vaccination requirement.

TEMPLETON — On Thursday, Nov. 18 at 6:15 p.m., the Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) had its regularly scheduled meeting.

Except for those who have exemptions, the conference began with a warning that masks are necessary inside the building.

The first item on the agenda was to provide an update on the closed session. According to the report, Trustee Nelson Yamagata presented a move to accept a student’s readmission, which was granted 5-0. Interdistrict transfers were denied 5-0, and no action was taken on the personnel evaluation and prospective action, nor on the legal advice on potential lawsuit.

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The first idea made during public discussion was to hold a fundraiser for people at the school who would otherwise be unable to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. Jennifer Grinager, who represents Moms for Liberty and the resistance to the coming vaccination mandate, was the next to speak. She raised her reservations about a special meeting to authorize extra COVID monies, which would compel the district to comply with looming demands. She also said that special meetings that arise after the agenda is set might be alerted to parents through email so that those who don’t visit the TUSD website on a regular basis are still aware.

Several additional parents phoned in to request that the vaccination requirement be discussed at a future meeting and how TUSD intends to handle it so that parents can prepare accordingly.

Following public discussion, Trustee Yamagata addressed the topic of the vaccination requirement, stating that the district cannot begin to organize its reaction until they know when it would be implemented and what it will involve. Yamagata remarked that his best estimation is July 2023, and that it would be prudent to agendize in March of the following year.

With a 5-0 vote, the consent agenda was adopted.

The following report was the instructions report, which addressed the California tests and said that although the Smart Balance Assessment was not required of all pupils, alternative examinations were available. The district considered all of the challenges that came with the year of distant learning and made decisions for their kids based on that knowledge. Vineyard chose the Fast Bridge Assessment over the Smart Balance Assessment for its middle school kids.

Benchmark tests are given so that the school can track how the children are developing throughout the year. Because the exam was halted in 2019/20, the school is developing a curriculum for pupils who have never taken it to familiarize themselves with the procedure and the assessment before taking it in the spring and having it recorded with the California data. Following spring break, the evaluations will commence.

The resolution establishing National Special Education Day came next. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) was enacted into law on December 2, 1975, making it National Special Education Day. The IDEA ensured that education is accessible to all children and states that children with disabilities have the same right to a free and adequate education as other children. The motion received a 5-0 vote.

The following topic was approved law that has an impact on employees. The new law, AB 438, was approved in response to classified employee layoffs, and it will take effect in the current school year, 2023-2022. If there are any personnel changes to their employment, this will modify the way classified employees are informed. One of the most significant changes is that classified personnel can no longer be laid off for the current year; the law modified this to only be able to be laid off for the next year, as well as providing preliminary notice of the change by March 15 and final notifications by May 15. Following the preliminary notice, employees have the opportunity to seek a hearing.

The adjustment to the superintendent contract was the final item on the agenda. As a management employee, you are not part of the represented groups that negotiate for compensation increases on a regular basis. The contract change was accepted 5-0 on the suggestion to approve it.

The district’s next meeting will be conducted on Dec. 9, and the agenda and meeting links will be accessible on the internet at tusd-ca.schoolloop.com/ when they become available.

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The “templeton schools reopening” is a recent article in the Templeton School District looks at state assessments. The article discusses how the school district has been looking into whether or not to reopen after the school year ends.

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