Frida Kahlo’s final self

Frida Kahlo’s final self was a painting that she created in 1954. The painting is a watermelon, which is a symbol of life and fertility for Mexicans. The painting has been the subject of controversy because it shows an idealized version of her body.

The artist, who only lived to 37, is the subject of a new book by photographer Stephanie Pui-Mun Law which chronicles her last years. The book was accompanied with a photo exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and has been generating buzz in social media due to its intimacy.,



This is a significant event. Okay, it’s not quite as much as Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, which sold for $71.5 million in 1998, but Frida Kahlo’s most recent self-portrait recently outsold all of her others, fetching $34.9 million. The identical photograph sold for $1.4 million in 1990 and $8 million in 2016. As a result, there has been improvement.

The picture, titled “Diego y Yo” (Diego and I), depicts a tearful Frida bearing a third eye-like portrait of her husband Diego Rivera on her forehead. However, there is nothing supernatural or out of the norm here. She was telling us that Diego was on her mind and that his relationship with Mexican actress Maria Felix was bothering her.

Heart that is bleeding

“The Two Frida’s” is perhaps the only other self-portrait of Kahlo’s that speaks to the sorrow that Diego’s adulterous affair brought her. Aside from the twin picture, each depicts an exposed heart connected by a common blood artery. Frida Kahlo clutches a picture of Diego, whom she divorced for a while before remarrying.

The other Frida grips their common blood artery with a clamp, as if to prevent it from bleeding. So, rather of wearing her heart on her sleeve, she wears it on her forehead in Diego y Y, making it evident that he’s on her thoughts.

According to NBCNews, art expert Natalia Zerbato says “Diego y Yo” “speaks to both the situation of Kahlo’s shaky marriage” and her health.

According to Zerbato, she was in a lot of bodily agony as well as mental distress when she created this artwork.

Taking an artwork off the market

Eduardo Costantini, the creator of the Latin American Art Museum in Buenos Aires, is the buyer of this picture. His acquisition, however, will not be added to the museum’s collection. He’s keeping it for himself instead.

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This is strange for a guy who created a museum, and it’s even stranger since Kahlo’s self-portraits are so rare and far between.

The modest quantity of her self-portraits makes them “unique,” according to James Oles, curator of Latin American art at Wellesley College’s Davis Museum. But, according to Sotheby’s, Georgia O’Keeffe has Kahlo beat when it comes to high auction sales of female artists, with her Jimson Weed/White Flower No.

1 sold for $44 million.

Whether there weren’t so many assembly-line objects featuring Kahlo’s face – from sweat socks to Barbie dolls – you have to wonder if her auction price would be greater. Salma Hayek, who portrayed the artist in the movie “Frida” in 2002, wondered aloud, “How could they transform her into a Barbie?” “She embraced her individuality,” Hayek said. The party is ruined by many Barbies of hers.

With her raw, uncompromising look at herself, Kahlo is not to be trifled with. No one would ever consider turning Van Gogh into a Ken doll. Van Gogh was merchandized in a variety of ways, of course. Reprints of his Starry Night on lumbar pillows spring to mind.

A Frida doll would be nice, but Mattel’s blond plastic Barbie doll, with her artificial body proportions, has nothing to do with Kahlo, who confronted reality straight on. Barbie dolls lack the bodily fat required for a woman to menstruate, according to research conducted at Helsinki’s University Central Hospital. Mattel, be honest with yourself. Kahlo was the one who accomplished it.


The “frida kahlo viva la vida print” is a piece of art created by Frida Kahlo. It was her final self-portrait, and it was painted shortly before she died.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Frida Kahlos last self portrait?

A: While Frida Kahlo was painting self-portraits, she often used a mirror to paint herself. However, what is considered her last work entitled Portrait of the artist in old age with Herself as subject by Frida Kahlo and Francisco Kahlos

What did Frida reveal in her self-portraits?

A: Frida revealed a great deal about herself in her self-portraits, but primarily she was revealing what it means to be an artist. She explored the idea of identity and humanity through these portraits.

Why did Frida Kahlo make thinking about death?

A: The painting Thinking of Death was created by Frida Kahlo in 1939. In the painting, she is sitting on a rock with her husband Diego Rivera and their daughter Angelica watching a dead frog float down from some trees.

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