Azeem Rafiq: Yorkshire will not take disciplinary action over allegations of racism by former player

Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) yesterday confirmed they would not be taking any disciplinary action over allegations concerning racism by former player Azeem Rafiq. The club has been adamant that it will do everything in its power to make the game more inclusive for everyone and an incident like this can never happen again.,

The “azeem rafiq son” is a story about the Yorkshire Cricket Club. The club was accused of racism by former player Azeem Rafiq, but has decided not to take any disciplinary action against him.

Azeem RafiqAzeem Rafiq, a former England junior captain, led Yorkshire in a Twenty20 match in 2012.

Yorkshire will not discipline any players, employees, or executives after a study that showed Azeem Rafiq was subjected to “racial abuse and bullying” at the club.

An independent tribunal upheld seven of the 43 charges last month.

Yorkshire board members have been asked to resign, according to a spokeswoman for the player.

The representative said, “It is unfathomable that no current workers should have been reprimanded for their behaviour.”

“Yorkshire’s failings are mounting, and it’s past time for board members to do the right thing and leave.”

Yorkshire claimed it conducted its own internal probe after the report’s conclusions.

“There is no behaviour or action committed by any of its staff, players, or executives that merits disciplinary action,” the club decided.

Rafiq responded to Yorkshire’s remark on social media, writing: “Wow, just when you think this club couldn’t be any more humiliating, you come up with something.”

He said, ” “So you believe that I was a victim of racial harassment and bullying, but that no one deserves to be disciplined? Sometimes all you want to do is yell!”

Last month, Yorkshire chairman Roger Hutton apologized to Rafiq, stating there was “no doubt” the spinner was “the victim of racial discrimination” during his first time with the club.

Rafiq went on to say that he hasn’t yet received a copy of the complete report.

Yorkshire missed the Friday, October 8 deadline set by an employment court, so he got a substantially redacted version of the findings earlier this month.

Yorkshire claimed that their choice not to pursue disciplinary action “does not reduce the relevance of the findings or the fact that the club can learn a lot from the study.”

“It was critical for Azeem to raise the problems, and we would not have the panel’s suggestions, which are a vital part of the club’s ongoing journey,” they stated.

According to the statement, club chairman Roger Hutton “believes that the club and everyone associated with it should be proud of the work that the club has done to improve diversity and inclusion prior to his involvement, but equally acknowledges that there is still much work to be done going forward.”

Yorkshire first issued a summary of the report, citing legal reasons for not being able to publish it in its whole, followed by a censored version.

The club has sent a copy of the report to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and is “operating with them on their investigation into the problems mentioned,” according to the statement.

“In the end, the arguments highlighted by Azeem Rafiq will be addressed not only by the Panel, but also by the Employment Tribunal and the ECB,” they said.

On Thursday, the ECB got a copy of the study “together with promises from the club to fully comply with the continuing regulatory procedure,” according to the ECB.

“This is an issue involving several severe claims, and the ECB’s regulatory team will now review the report as part of its inquiry,” they continued. We expect that the regulatory process may take some time to complete, but it is critical that it be performed fully and fairly to all parties involved.”

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Yorkshire will not take disciplinary action over allegations of racism by former player azeem rafiq cricinfo.

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