Boarding School Juliet Season 2 Release Date: Canceled or Confirmed?


Anime programs are becoming increasingly popular among worldwide audiences today.People are looking to watch different genres of Japanese animation programs appealing to their tastes.

If you are a fan of the rom-com genre and are tired of watching the same old movies repeatedly, consider watching Boarding School Juliet. The initial chapter of the anime was a tremendous hit among anime lovers. So, anime lovers hope that the upcoming chapter will also create a buzz. Anime lovers are curious to learn whether they will have the opportunity of watching the next chapter and, if so, when?

If you are here looking for an answer to the same question, we will clear all your doubts.

What Made Boarding School Juliet Season 1 a Tremendous Hit?


The program is adapted from a Japanese manga having an identical title. It is created by Yosuke Kaneda and premiered in 2017. After the tremendous progress of the book, the show production inspired by it started, which came out the next year. It is recognized as Kishuku Gakko no Jurietto in its native country, Japan, and receives a lot of affection from a worldwide audience.

Since a prominent manga artist, Yosuke Kaneda created the anime, it was a great success in Japan and worldwide.

Although the program bagged hardly 7.1 ratings on IMDb, Myanimelist gave it 7.46 and put it at 1731 spot in popularity after receiving votes from nearly 247,795 community members. It is not an awful number if you consider how rarely animes are created in this genre and how much work the creators put into it.

What is the Plotline of the Boarding School Juliet Program?


The creators created the storyline of the Boarding School Juliet program in Dahlia Academy Boarding School. Its scholars belong to archenemy tribes, popularly called Black Dogs and White Cats. While Black Dogs comprises Touwa pupils belonging to the Eastern tribe, White Cats comprises pupils belonging to the West.

While everyone is busy fighting one another, two figures, Persia and Inuzuka, heads of their squares, have a strong affection for each other. Sadly, they are compelled to maintain the affair concealed from acquaintances to evade causing any more trouble.

The plotline of Boarding School Juliet revolves around these two protagonists. In the program, you get to meet Romio Inuzuka, the freshman head of the Black Dog Dormitory.

But besides being a leader, he is also a die-hard lover. Inuzuka has had affection for Juliet Persia, the chief of freshman White Cats Dormitory students since he was a kid.

Although in the beginning, Inuzuka was reluctant to express his feelings to Juliet because of their family rivalry, he soon comprehends that being with Juliet is much better and more comforting. He determinedly approaches Juliet and soon learns that she experiences the same feelings. Even though they both have a lot of fondness for each other, they cannot express it openly and have to keep their affair concealed.

Both have to make a show of being archenemies in front of people, but only they are aware of their true feelings. When the next chapter of the show is out, we will see how the romance progresses between the lovers and how their secret gets out. It will be interesting to watch people in love for a change in an anime program.

Will We Get to Watch the Next Chapter of Boarding School Juliet?


Fans watched the initial chapter of the anime program in October 2018. It consisted of merely 12 episodes but soon became one of the most-loved animation programs of the year.

Although the program witnessed phenomenal initial success, it failed to score good ratings. Owing to this reason, we are heartbroken to share the creators have canceled it for the next chapter! It is so because manga productions take a considerable amount of time to produce. The developers change them from the light volumes while the source data is frequently depleted.

To create the next chapter of Boarding School Juliet, the creators have taken much more time than already allotted. Studios might have to linger for a longer period as creators have released yet no official announcement. Another reason the next chapter is unlikely to release is it cannot become the reliable and perfect moneymaker everyone had hoped for.

Showrunners and publishers are understandably hesitant to invest their time and money in this anime program. Although the creators have enough material to showcase in the next season, it is up to the publisher whether to come up with a second season as the sales are low.

Even if the makers decide to create the next chapter of Boarding School Juliet, it will take twelve months at the least to complete. Although the program is canceled for now, if its creators resolve to come up with a second chapter, we will enjoy watching it by the middle of 2023.

If they carry out any further proceedings on the production of the program, we will immediately inform you about it. As soon as the show trailer is out, we will ensure to post the news on our website. We will also give you details relating to the upcoming chapter that you ought to learn. You just have to be patient and bear with us.

Where Can You Enjoy Boarding School Juliet Chapter 1 Online?


If you are curious to find out what happened in the first chapter of the show while sticking around for the next chapter, you will be glad to know that you can watch it online also. You can enjoy seeing it on Gogoanime, Funimation, Amazon Prime Video, VRV, and Crunchyroll without taking a single penny out of your pocket.

Final Thoughts

While the program is most probably canceled for the upcoming chapter, we still hope its publishers consider making it. If they release the next chapter, we might see the previous figures as in the initial chapter and maybe a few more.

Please stay tuned to receive more updates regarding Boarding School Juliet anime and more TV shows.