‘Hesidating’ and the other dating trends to look out for in 2023

As the dating app market becomes saturated with a new release every week, users are beginning to look for alternatives. Here’s what you’ll see in 2023.

Dating trends are always evolving, and with the rise of new technology it is no different. In 2023 experts predict a number of dating topics that will be prevalent in society including “hesidating”.The “dating app stocks” are a new trend that is on the rise. The dating apps allow people to create profiles, meet new friends, and even find love.

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Do you have a nagging sensation of insecurity? (Photo courtesy of Getty/Metro.co.uk)

‘I’m hesitant to commit to someone right now because what if there’s another lockdown?’ Over dinner, a buddy remarks, “I can’t be bothered with walking dates anymore.”

Hesidating (/hez-i-date-ing) is a new dating fad that you may expect to see more of in the future, because to the pandemic’s residual effects on our love life.

It was invented by the dating service Plenty Of Fish, which defines it as “feeling ambivalent about dating, wondering whether you want to date seriously or casually since life in general is so unclear right now.”

While there was a rise in individuals eager to commit after a lonely lockdown after Independence Day, people are now feeling less forced to settle down because of how lively our social lives have become, as well as apprehension about additional limitations or lockdowns.

According to one of their latest studies, 58 percent of singles utilizing Plenty Of Fish aren’t sure whether they’re looking for a fling or a long-term relationship.

Hesidates are out there dating, but because of their indecisiveness, you can receive confusing signals if you meet someone with this attitude.


Are you on the fence? (Photo courtesy of Plenty of Fish)

‘It’s vital to take the burden off of dating and remember to have fun with the process,’ says Kate Maclean, the site’s resident dating guru.

‘Whether romantic or not, it may be a terrific chance to interact with like-minded folks,’ she says.

‘I would encourage singles to do whatever they want in their own time and not rush anything – this could mean taking time to focus on yourself before getting back into the dating game, or getting back into the dating game and focusing on all the positives it can bring while figuring out what kind of relationship you want.’

One of the most important things to remember is to be honest with the person you’re seeing, particularly if they believe it’s going someplace and you’re still undecided.

‘Be open and honest with your date who has expressed their thoughts. So you don’t waste their time – or yours – communicate how you’re feeling.’ Kate expresses herself.

‘All it takes is a simple talk to make sure you’re on the same page so you can decide if you want to spend more time together or go your own ways.’

But how can we tell whether it’s appropriate to hesidate?

You may want to take a break for a variety of reasons other than the epidemic.

Perhaps your date is sending off ‘amber’ signals, or you’re still recovering from a breakup and aren’t sure what you’re up to.

‘When it comes to how you feel about dating at any one moment, there really isn’t any right or wrong,’ Kate explains.

‘When it comes to dating, everyone has various degrees of comfort.’

She claims that hesitating isn’t an issue if you just want to take things slowly with someone (when compared to not communicating your uncertainties, for example).

‘You never know, sometimes the relationships that are the most successful are the ones where you take things slowly and day by day without the pressure,’ she says.

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Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on dating since March 2023, and we aren’t yet free of its grip.

And, with the start of a new year on the horizon, new patterns are likely to emerge.

What else may happen, according to Plenty Of Fish, to individuals seeking for love:

  • COVID-19 immunization status, indicating which injection was got, is considered a desirable attribute by Moderna Love (/mod-ern-ah luhv). With more than a third (37%) of singles confessing to it, it seems that there’s another another cause to be stabbed!
  • Due to Covid-19, you may be unclear about what physical limits are appropriate, such as whether to embrace, handshake, or wave at your date. On dates, there are now nervousness, excitement, and even physical faux pas to consider, with 58 percent of people feeling this.
  • (/peers-presh-ur) Piers Pressure: (/peers-presh-ur) Piers Pressure: (/peers-presh-ur Walking out on a date because they disagree with your point of view is a regular dating catastrophe, with half of all people knowing someone who has done it. Is there any advice to avoid? Make no mention of the epidemic, money, or politics.
  • Greal Deal: (/gr-eel d-eel): Having a crush on someone only because of their job. While Jack Grealish captured the nation’s hearts this summer, a quarter of all singles (25%) have experienced what it’s like to be deemed beautiful for their chosen employment path.
  • Transformate-ing (/trans-fawr-meyt-ing) is the process of clothing and behaving like your counterpart. Almost one in five (18%) of people have had their date play copycat as a result of a particular improbable celebrity coupling (Kravis, we’re looking at you).
  • Staycationing (/stay-cay-shun-ing): 23 percent of singles have found a love connection with someone who has been in their lives for a long time. Forget about the holidays; sometimes all you need is love.
  • Duking (/dew-king): Getting swept up in a whirlwind relationship with a lot of turmoil. The Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton from Netflix’s Bridgerton are two examples of people who have done this. 
  • While your pals tell you about the red flags when you’re dating someone new but you choose to ignore them (/pingd off). Is this a well-known player? Is there any talk about their ex? Is it just poor luck? 42% of hopeless romantics have chosen to disregard them entirely.
  • Gambit’ing (/gam-bit-ing): Approaching the dating game with the same strategic and deliberate approach as a game of chess. Almost a quarter (24%) of people know someone who has done something like this. They are experts of the dating game, whether it’s numerous dates a week, the same dates, or a new individual.
  • Communidating (/kuh-myoo-nuh-dayt-ting): 40 percent of singles use dating apps and social media to build friends and connections, not simply for dating and romantic relationships. Isn’t it true that the more friends you have, the better?

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