Liverpool’s best form of Jurgen Klopp’s tenure? Breaking down reasons behind Reds’ brilliant run

Liverpool’s form has been positive since Jurgen Klopp took charge of the team. Fans and experts attribute this to a number of factors, including greater tactical understanding and improved fitness levels that have allowed Liverpool to play at their best for longer periods in matches.

The “Liverpool FC” is Liverpool’s best form of Jurgen Klopp’s tenure. This article breaks down the reasons behind Liverpool’s brilliant run.


Only one midfielder (Henderson) has played more than 65 percent of available minutes in all competitions this season, with six others playing between 23 percent and 65 percent, yet it hasn’t hampered Liverpool in the least. They’re undefeated in the league, have already qualified for the Champions League knockout rounds with three victories in three games, and haven’t lost a competitive match since losing 1-0 to Fulham on March 7.

Is this the best they’ve been under Jurgen Klopp, and how did they achieve it?

As predicted, the defense has improved.

The 2023-21 season was a real thing. Chelsea can show it with the Champions League title. In mid-March, Liverpool had lost to Fulham (and a few other clubs) and was in ninth position in the Premier League.

The Reds were unable to stay organized in transition defense, as one would anticipate from a squad that lost Van Dijk, Matip, and Gomez (and eventually Henderson) to long-term injury. They had the second-fewest shots per possession in the Premier League (0.90), but they also had the poorest xG per shot (0.15), behind only Italy’s almost relegated Spezia and Germany’s all-or-nothing Hoffenheim.

Their close-games fortune also faded as a result of these transition issues: They moved from averaging an unsustainable 2.50 points per game in 2019-20 to 1.43 in 2023-21 in games decided by 0-1 goals. In January, they saw their 68-match Premier League undefeated record come to an end at the hands of Burnley, and then went on to lose their next five league matches at home.


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OCTOBER 28 • Celta Vigo against. Sociedad (12.50 p.m. ET) • Getafe vs. Granada (1.50 p.m. ET) • Atletico Madrid vs. Levante (3.20 p.m. ET)

FRIDAY, OCT. 29 • Hertha vs. Hoffenheim (2.20 p.m. ET) • QPR vs. Nottm Forest (2.40 p.m. ET)

(*According to StatsPerform, direct speed is “the amount of metres the ball travels (when measured directly up-field) divided by the entire duration of [a particular] sequence.” It’s a metric for honesty. The counter-attacking Burnley has a direct speed of 1.87, whereas the patient Brighton has a direct speed of 0.97. Liverpool is nearly in the heart of everything.)

This is a ferocious assault. Andy Robertson, the left-back, has improved from 0.15 assists and 1.68 chances created (assists + critical passes that led to shoots) per 90 minutes in all competitions to 0.22 and 2.13, respectively, while Trent Alexander-Arnold, the right-back, has found a higher gear in terms of creativity. In all competitions, he has improved from 0.21 assists and 2.23 chances created per 90 last season to 0.35 and 3.23 this season.

Despite only appearing in seven of Liverpool’s nine Premier League games thus far, Alexander-Arnold leads the league with 25 chances, ahead of Salah (22) and City’s Jack Grealish (21) and just behind Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes (34).

In attacking areas, Alexander-passing Arnold’s has improved throughout the board.


TruMedia and StatsPerform are the sources for this information.

In terms of pass volume, Alexander-Arnold is even more active up the field (and less involved in the areas full-backs often patrol) than last season, in part because that’s where the ball usually is — Liverpool is trapping opponents in their half as effectively as they’ve ever been. He also has the sexiest player in the planet as a dance partner.

Super Mo

In this sport, we can never speak about the present tense; everything needs to be related to a future event, whether it’s a transfer, a contract extension, or a loss of form. For example, Paul Pogba’s name is now “Paul Pogba, whose contract expires next summer…” rather than “Paul Pogba.”

Salah’s name is also associated with a contract that is about to expire. Although the contract doesn’t expire until 2023, with Liverpool’s roster continuing to age and drift beyond its theoretical peak — Henderson is 31, Van Dijk, Matip, and forward Roberto Firmino are 30, Salah and winger Sadio Mane are 29, the future doesn’t seem all that far away. The club will have to decide which older players to maintain, and Salah’s position as the greatest player in the world at the moment is a top priority.

Salah is expected to get what he wants, or at least the most of it, from the club. Sure, the club will have to let other important players’ contracts expire since they can’t afford to maintain everyone till they’re in their mid-30s. Sure, there aren’t many wide forwards who continue to play at a good level into their 30s. However, there are only one or two players capable of achieving what Salah is doing on the field right now. (This is Salah.)

So far in 2023-22, Salah has been blazing and practically unstoppable. While he’ll eventually cool down, his play has been a big part of the Reds’ strong start to the season. Getty

Salah has started all nine Premier League games for Liverpool and has scored in eight of them. He had a goal in each of the three Champions League games. In all competitions, he has 15 goals and 27 opportunities created. He’s on a run that reminds me of Allen Iverson, when he crosses up defenders and sends them to the ground.

This goal would be the finest goal of practically any player on the globe, yet it wasn’t even Salah’s best goal of October. This was the case.

Salah’s hat-trick against Manchester United was a breeze in contrast. In any case, he’s on an almost unstoppable streak that few players can match for a whole season.

What happens if Salah (and Liverpool) lose their cool?

Despite their one-point disadvantage to Chelsea in the standings, it’s difficult not to consider Liverpool to be England’s finest team right now. Salah’s form will definitely deteriorate with time, and Liverpool’s average of 0.56 set-piece goals per match in Premier League play (shared with Arsenal and Chelsea) will almost likely decline as well.

The assault is almost probably too hot to sustain, but if they can keep this up for another 4-5 games before cooling down, they’ll be well on their way to a lengthy Premier League and Champions League run.

Liverpool’s next five games are as follows:

Brighton and West Ham are now fifth and fourth in the Premier League, respectively, while Arsenal is on fire, and Atletico Madrid and Porto are the other two Champions League Group B clubs vying for a place in the final stages. If they can get through this round of matches with few points lost, they’ll be in good shape going forward.

They can afford to ease off on the attacking end over time and still pile up points — after all, every Premier League victory has come by several goals — but if or when the goals are tamped down a little, we might see some other concerns arise.

The main concern might be a lack of depth in the middle. Given the amount of match-to-match turnover in midfield, their camaraderie has been outstanding, but the lack of go-to alternatives in important games might become a concern at some time. Henderson is in good health and is doing well, although he is 31 years old. James Milner, who is 35 years old, has played over 500 minutes in midfield and at fullback. Fabinho missed most of last season due to injury, while both Thiago and Harvey Elliott are sidelined with injuries, with Elliott’s expected to keep him out until 2023. The fact that they didn’t replace Wijnaldum and Shakiri with fresh players hasn’t yet backfired, but it’s only a matter of time until it does.

Despite Salah’s current transcendence, Liverpool is mostly playing within itself, and while the Reds did not make the high-profile signings that Chelsea and City did in recent transfer windows, they still have the core of a recent Premier League and Champions League champion in place, and they are playing like a team that is serious about competing. That makes sense since they never ceased fighting in an universe where 2023-21 didn’t exist.

Liverpool’s best form of Jurgen Klopp’s tenure? Breaking down reasons behind Reds’ brilliant run. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has led the club to its most successful period in recent history, with Liverpool winning more games than any other season under his watch. Reference: liverpool manager.

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