Trust Carries You To The End

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The “trust roles and responsibilities” is a story about how trust carries you to the end. It’s an uplifting story of hope for those who are struggling with trust issues.

(CBS News) — Survivor’s current season is becoming more heated by the week! Have you seen this week’s episode yet? This is how it went down…


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Ua Tribe 

Genie, Ricard, and Shan all feel very confident in their new three-way alliance after last week’s surprise vote out of JD… So it seems.

Genie, who has been forthright about playing a fair game, informs Ricard and Shan that she would search for the newly concealed Beware Advantage. They all promise to remain faithful to one another and keep no secrets from now on… But this is Survivor, after all. What would the game be like if no one lied or manipulated you?

Genie discovers the Beware Advantage and quickly tells Shan and Ricard about it. But, since Brad (who has already been voted out) discovered this advantage first, these three castaways already know what this Beware Advantage may imply. If someone discovers the Beware Advantage, which is eventually a three-way Immunity Idol, they are unable to vote until this Hidden Immunity Idol is triggered, as previously stated in earlier episodes. The idol can only be triggered if each tribe’s member with the advantage speaks their secret word at the next The Immunity Test.

With these risks in mind, Genie, Shan, and Ricard decided against opening the Beware Advantage just yet. They agree to keep it sealed for the time being, with no one claiming it…

…until Genie decides to walk out on her own.

#Survivor ouch…

October 21, 2023 — SURVIVOR (@survivorcbs)

Mastermind Shan and her sidekick, Ricard, devised a scheme to get access to the Beware Advantage/Idol without Genie’s permission. Shan unlocked the Beware Advantage knowing the dangers and now has entire control of the Hidden Immunity Idol once triggered. She won’t be able to vote again until she knows the Luvu and Yase tribes have discovered their thirds of the idol. But don’t forget that Shan just snatched JD’s extra vote from last week…

Tribe of Luvu

Meanwhile, Danny and Deshawn on the Luvu tribe are both aware that more males than women are being voted out of the other tribes. Deshawn and Danny are contemplating their prior plan to throw the upcoming Immunity Challenge since the Luvu tribe has yet to go to Tribal. They wish to keep their tribe’s numbers under control, therefore Naseer is included in this probable strategy.

Naseer, who has so far created his own game, is cautious yet delighted that these guys want to collaborate with him.

That sensation you get when you’re a part of a tribe’s decision-making process! #Survivor

October 21, 2023 — SURVIVOR (@survivorcbs)

Tribe of Yase

The Yase tribe still has a strong four members: Xander, Evvie, Liana, and Tiffany. It seems like Evvie is still in charge. She’s formed close bonds with not just Liana and Tiffany, but also Xander. Tiffany and Liana have figured out what she and Xander are up to and have decided to take things into their own hands… literally.

Ethics are thrown out the window because this is Survivor. Tiffany and Liana take a risk and go through Xander’s luggage while he’s away. They discover the proof they want after rummaging through his extra-vote and Hidden Immunity Idol notes. If you ask me, it’s a really hazardous move…

Xander is eager to create trust with Tiffany after scheming with Evvie, since he already believes he trusts her more than Liana. He then informs Tiffany about his Hidden Immunity Idol, including information on how to speak his secret word. But then Xander became entangled in his own deception. He claimed to have discovered the idol that day, although Tiffany was well aware that he had said his secret phrase aloud only a few Immunity Challenges before. Tiffany is even more skeptical of Xander now that she knows he lied, and let’s just say things aren’t looking good for him.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever

October 21, 2023 — SURVIVOR (@survivorcbs)

Immunity Challenge 

Immunity is now up for grabs once again! The first two tribes would get immunity as well as some much-needed tarps to keep them warm and dry.

However, before the Immunity/Reward Challenge started, presenter Jeff Probst urged the castaways to tell a little more about their Survivor experience, given that they are now on Day 11. And then, all of a sudden, we hear a sequence of hidden utterances… one after the other.

Shan stumbles in her remark while addressing in front of the three tribes:

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“This is something I didn’t comprehend till now… Broccoli is little more than a clump of tiny trees.”

Then comes Xander’s turn to speak:

“I genuinely think butterflies are long-lost relatives greeting each other.”

To activate this three-way Hidden Immunity Idol, just one member of the Luvu tribe has to recite their funny sentence. And then, in true Survivor style, we hear a jumbled voice from the Luvu tribe…

“I’m as perplexed as an astroturf goat.”

The final words were said by Naseer! We are instantly transported back to the Luvu camp, where Naseer discovered the remaining third of the Hidden Immunity Idol on his own. He claims that his daughter at home deserves all of the credit. That’s because his daughter used to hide Immunity Idols in the yard for him to uncover before he went on Survivor. Naseer was ecstatic since she had done an excellent job of training him!


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The task itself was taxing – and, predictably, it was the Ua tribe that lost once again, forcing them to return to The Tribal Council is a group of people that get together (again).

But before Tribal, Yase, the first-place tribe, had to choose one member from Ua and another castaway in general to go to the Summit of the Survivors. They recruited Shan and Liana from their tribe to accompany them on the voyage.

Survivor Summit

In order to gain an edge, the two castaways had to journey for hours. Shan and Liana bonded on a spiritual level while hiking, something we haven’t witnessed before this season. Shan shares details about her upbringing and her path to become a preacher. She describes how she hasn’t gone this far with anybody else in the game, even Ricard and Genie, her own tribe members. Shan has an immediate connection and trust with Liana, and he wants to play the game with her again in the future. Shan elected to “save” her vote so that Liana might gain an edge, as she had done in previous episodes, when it came to the “risk or reward” dilemma.

This was a significant step for Shan and Liana. The two seem to be interested in collaborating in the future. And what’s the benefit? Yes, that was a great one! Liana has the first “Knowledge is Power” advantage of the game, which means she has a chance to take anybody else’s advantage. The only caveat is that she may only ask either “do you have an advantage” or “do you have an idol” to one person at a time. She loses her edge if she is incorrect about the individual. But, if she’s correct, she’ll have a new (and stolen) secret weapon on her hands. And, based on the episode’s foreshadowing, we know she has her sights set on Xander. He’d best be careful!

Tribal Council 

And there were just three of them remaining on the Ua tribe. That is, until another person’s flame is extinguished. And making the choice wasn’t simple.

Ricard and Genie had plenty of opportunity to influence each other while Shan was at the Survivor Summit. Of course, Ricard, Shan’s most stalwart buddy from Day 1, lied to Genie and stated he wanted Shan gone. Genie, who has always been forthright and aware of Ricard’s deception, knows this isn’t the case. Simply stated, none of them wanted to collaborate with the other.

When Shan arrived, they all took turns “pitching” who should be the next person voted out to each other. Shan became anxious when Genie told him about Ricard’s plan to put her under the bus. There was some squabbling between Shan and Ricard about who got the additional vote. The two engaged in some intense – and rather hilarious – drama. Throughout it all, though, it is your faith that will get you through to the finish. Ricard and Shan held their ground and regained control of the vote. This week, Genie’s candle was extinguished just short of the (possible) merging.


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This season is insane – in the nicest manner possible. I’ve found it quite difficult to guess who would be voted off in each show. Thus, how do you feel about the season so far? Let’s chat Survivor on Twitter @mick cloudy!

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