Brownish-yellow Heard Accused of Waiver of Rihanna Chris Brown’s Interview Testimony

Brownish-yellow Heard Accused of Waiver of Rihanna Chris Brown’s Interview Testimony

As Amber Heard encounters interrogation from Johnny Depp’s lawyers in their continuous lawful fight, her statement and also actions remain to come under analysis on social media sites.

Now the starlet is charged of eliminating component of her testament from Rihanna’s meeting concerning when she was attacked by Chris Brown.

Depp, 58, South Heard, 36, for $50 million over his 2018 op-ed released by The Washington Post, in which she stated she endured residential physical violence in her marital relationship. While Heard, that is looking for $100 million in problems, did not call Depp in the write-up, his lawful group said it was noticeable she was describing him.

Over the previous couple of weeks, horrible residential physical violence accusations versus Depp as well as Heard have actually appeared throughout statement.

Last week, when Heard talked, she explained a case in which Depp supposedly attacked her.

” I seemed like he got on top of me, as well as I look him in the eye and also I can not see him any longer,” she claimed. “It had not been him. It was dark. I’ve never ever been so frightened in my life.”

Now a clip with virtually 2 million sights on TikTok and also Twitter contrasted this declaration to the meeting Rihanna offered to ABC News in 2009.

” It had not been the very same individual claiming I enjoy you. It had not been those … eyes,” the pop celebrity informed Diane Sawyer in a meeting at the time. “He had … no heart in his eyes. Simply empty. … He was plainly lost consciousness. There was nobody there when I considered him.”

In the meanwhile, a variety of individuals have actually been contrasting Heard’s swellings from the claimed attacks by Depp to those endured by Rihanna.

In February 2009, after that 21- year-old Rihanna was defeated by her then-boyfriend Brown, that was later on punished to 5 years probation, social work as well as a year of therapy. in issues of residential physical violence.

Despite Heard’s continuous analysis on social media sites, numerous individuals claimed sufficient sufficed and also prompted others to quit teasing the starlet as well as slamming her actions, noting maybe damaging. to sufferers of misuse.

” I’ve seen individuals utilize audio clips from [Heard’s] statement where she defines rape and also sexual offense to produce funny video clips, a great deal of these individuals were females as well as it was surprising to see,” claimed starlet and also author Tova Leigh Pleasemynews Last week. “I could not think they teased sex-related physical violence or any type of various other physical violence for that issue.

” The reality that they really did not think her really did not matter to me,” Leigh claimed. “Sexual physical violence is not a joke, envision all the targets of sexual offense viewing individuals make rape jokes, it’s so incorrect.”



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