8 Women Talk About the Biggest Penises They’ve Encountered

Source: metro.co.uk

Here’s a common misconception: women love huge penises.

Yeah. No.

One time, during my slutty years, I had a one-night stand with a guy who had the most massive penis I’ve ever seen. In retrospect I should have called the Guinness Book of World Records because that thing need to be recorded. Because I’m no chump, when I was faced with this one eyed monster, I decided to go through with it.

Now, I’m far from a virgin, but his massive dick was basically circling my lungs when he was inside of me. I’ve never felt, nor do I ever want to feel a pain like that ever again in my life. So, next time someone asks me if I prefer a large penis the answer is “No. No I fucking don’t.”

I prefer one that’s a decent size attached to someone who knows how to work it.

In my journey to discovery of whether size really matters to women, I ventured out to ask a few out that what happened when they saw the biggest penis ever. Here’s what they had to say:

“I once went home with a guy who had the biggest dick I had ever seen. When he whipped it out I was so scared of it that I refused to have sex with him and just gave him a blowjob instead. That wasn’t the best idea because it was so huge it triggered my gag reflex and I ended up puking all over it.”-Lisa, 28


“Here’s the worst part about guys with big dicks: they have no idea how to use them. They figure as long as it’s big, it’ll get the job done. So, the biggest penis of my life was also the worst sex of my life.”-Penelope, 24


“I would go smaller any day. It hurts like all fucking hell and I wouldn’t go over 8 inches ever again.”-Kelly, 26


“It was amazing actually. This guy’s penis was insanely huge, like HUGE, but he took it slow and it felt amazing. I couldn’t manage to give him a blowjob though because I couldn’t handle it.”-Frankie, 25


“The biggest dick I’ve ever seen was basically a third leg. Mama ain’t raise no fool, so I still took it like a champ, but it wasn’t pleasant at all. Actually it was the second worst sex of my life (the first worse simply couldn’t get it up).”-Samantha, 29


“He whipped it out. I said ‘Thank you’ and walk away. There was no shot that thing was going anywhere near my body.”-Pamela, 27


“It literally felt like I was losing my virginity all over again.”-Teresa, 28


“Honestly, it was massive, probably around 10 inches. However, he knew exactly what to do with it so it wouldn’t hurt me. It was the greatest sex I’ve ever had in my life. I assume it was big enough to hit my g-spot over and over again so needless to say, I was satisfied.”-Gina, 30