The Top 25 White Girl Instagram Comments

I’m a white girl, so I feel no sense of remorse in poking fun at my own kind. Realistically speaking, these comments aren’t utilized solely by females of the Caucasian variety. When I say “white girls” it’s more of a reference to the popular stereotype turned archetype–you know what I’m talking about–Starbucks obsessed, Ugg wearing, legging creatures who snort Pumpkin Spice and live in a perpetual state of “can’t even.”

I find that when scrolling through Instagram there’s some sort of universal dialogue that all of us share. It’s like a database of go-to comments that we keep at the forefront of our brains–ready at any given moment to comment on a fellow white girl’s selfie.

I have easily commented all of these at one point or another. Subsequently, these are all comments I have seen on my Instagram feed in the past 48 hours. The research has been done, the polls are in, and here are the results:

  1. Um, Can you not?
  2. You look gorg.
  3. I’m obsessed with you.
  4. *Heart Eyes Emoji.*
  5. Stop being so perfect.
  6. You could seriously be a model.
  7. You’re unreal.
  8. I wish I could like this twice.
  9. *Fire Emoji.*
  10. *100 Emoji.*
  11. I’m dead.
  12. Selfie game on point.
  13. You’re too pretty.
  14. I’m in love with you.
  15. Can I be you?
  16. Skinny minny!!
  17. Eyebrow game strong.
  18. I’m so jelly.
  19. My best friend is so gorgeous.
  20. Stunning.
  21. That face though.
  22. Dammmmmmmnnnn.
  23. Such a Smoke Show.
  24. Can I have your body? Thanks.
  25. Literally perf.